[VIDEO] I've money so I won't get married, I'll just buy a man and use him like a puppy — Popular Nigerian Actress

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AUG 12, 2022 LISTEN
Nkechi Blessing Sunday

Marriage appears to irritate Nkechi Blessing Sunday, a well-known Nollywood actress.

Miss Nkechi, though, did not downplay the fact that every woman needs a man in her life. She is just not ready to be subjected to any man’s control.

As rich as she is, she believes she can get any man of her choice to satisfy her lust and even command him anytime she wants.

When asked in a video posted on Instagram if she thinks marriage is necessary, the popular actress replied "no" and explained, “no one in this life has ever said dem won’t get married. With the little change I have, I can comfortably buy a man, you dey hear English.

“I can easily purchase a man and bring him into my home. He will remain until I tell him to leave when I say him sit down there.”

With the tone of her narration, it's clear she has been abandoned by a man and is suffering from heartbreak, hence her hate for marriage.

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