Ghana’s entertainment is meaningless, filled with unprofessionals and disappointed musicians — Shatta Wale

  Tue, 12 Jul 2022
Dancehall News Shatta Wale
Shatta Wale

Dancehall musician, Charles Nii Armah popularly known as Shatta Wale is telling his fans how the Ghana music industry looks now.

Read below a post he shared on his official Facebook page:



Ghetto youth don’t make nobody lie to you ,None of our school system teaches “Radio pundits course “

“Blogging “


“Entertainment analyst”

And all those bullshits …

Ghana’s entertainment is meaningless until everyone sits down with Shatta movement for the best direction ..

Many ask me why I don’t go by their doings and I tell them this :

People that work with the Government who are not ministers nor real government officials get rich by lobbying for jobs and other contracts to make it in life… eg(contractors) ….

It doesn’t matter how these contractors stoop low or even kiss ass to get what they want ..why,because ,any Government that comes to power always has that structure to make people rich in their own way (Just forget politics for a second and get what am saying please🙏)

In a nutshell ,there’s a structure so if you are smart you can make money in government ..

Ok since you following what am saying …..let’s come back to ghana music .

Musicians should come out boldly and tell me what their structure is if not by his grace that they themselves have hustled and created a life for themselves..

When was the last time we ever heard a musician in Ghana using his royalties to build a mall or hospital or library or even hotels but else where is happening and that’s call giving back to the society ,part of our CSR right ! Ok

When was the last we heard a musician made money from music and he or she is supporting a politician for a campaign rather vice versa 😂 They will rather go and collect chicken change thinking they are doing their job forgetting that we rather have to give these ppl the support so that when we talk they take our statements serious but they won’t ,…but are musicians living in a well structured environment to do that ..a BIG NO 😂..

you know why ?

It’s all because we have made our minds not change anything in our music sector ..we want government to do that but if we don’t let them know how serious we are how can they help us but let’s forget that ….

We only think of fun and the glamour life but when it comes to cracking the brains for the business -NO and I mean a big NO!

Today I hear a lot of people saying if I had calm down for these so called gate keepers I would have gone far and I laugh like this 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

What is more far of an achievement compared to an industry that didn’t even sleep to imagine such a great collaboration will come hit them in the face boom…..Beyonce ft shatta wale ..🔥🔥🔥

Just like David’s story in the Bible ,

He was sold but his brothers never knew he was going to be a great king ..That’s my story !!!

All am just saying is that if there was a way of making ghana musicians wealthier than many portray these days then I shall also mellow and lobby my way thru cuz I know “doole doole (hausa)” I can put my request thru one or two people and lay my hands on some better deals and make that music dream come to reality (Superstar life )

Ladies and gentlemen I won’t talk much but you could kindly talk to our living legends that I constantly want to fight for since they have been thru this journey and might explain it better for us to understand…

Legends like Amakye dede ,kojo Antwi ,Daddy Lumba etc…. These men I have mentioned stood on their feet to get to where they are today and trust me if they had waited for ghana music they would have failed like many ..

Kojo Antwi is rich but I know he will say he is not because all what he has now is what he struggled for by himself but the music industry has not given him the Structured and standard wealth …Same applies to DL and AD…

My little advice to the younger generation is that “Don’t let anyone lie to you please Ghana music is not well structured so careful when you want to be part of that world ..It’s filled with unprofessionals and dissapointed musicians who are filled with pain and anger to be celebrities and ppl like that can’t control this so called Ghana music industry …No they can’t !!!! THIS IS SO SAD FOR EVERY MUSICIAN IN GHANA !!

NB: I know many will be saying all this Is bullshit

Yes is it !!

You have been brainwashed about how an artiste should behave in an industry ,yes I already know ,that’s why I am making money moves and it’s working here for me .. and if there was an industry I won’t be complaining like the way Rich business don’t complain even tho the government don’t do many things right lol …The target is the Money when you have it from a well structured avenue you will only complain with your rich friends by poolside or your your office and not on Facebook and Twitter like am doing now … 😂😂🤣

Thank you for reading my Nonsense🙏💎🧨 - Shatta Wale