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06.10.2019 New Release

Sarkodie Is Black With A Goldcoast Mentality.

By Nana Reagan
Sarkodie Is Black With A Goldcoast Mentality.
LISTEN OCT 6, 2019

The abrofo (whites) are very good at projecting what they have or let me say the beautiful things they've been able to achieve to the world.

They are experts when it comes to forcing their ideas on others. Through the oyibo (white man) media and showbiz characters, they've been able to make the world believe that everything in their land is beautiful. Their place is home, have no too many challenges confronting their people and all their streets are clean and safe.

And we believe them even though it scam. Lies! They have just covered their dirty sides up. Don't show them to us. Focus on the positive sides and convince us to believe or love them. That is a white man for you.

But my black people are not like that and this has affected the entire African continent in so many ways. Maybe Sarkodie is not Ghanaian, not black or black but with a white man's mindset.

Obidi is having some "Gold Coast mentality" and that is to make others believe this is home no matter what. That's positive vibe. You see, our Gold Coast people in the past were that patriotic. They didn't look at or see our challenges or struggles as a country as obstacles in their ways to project the good name of Ghana. Their main aim was to make a mark individually in achieving a good name for the country.

They were solely interested in flying the red, gold, green flag. They were faithful and loyal but not just outspoken self-serving thinkers.

That is what many Ghanaian celebrities, public figures have lost today. What I called the Gold Coast attitude. Today as an arts writer, I am happy Sarkodie has shown these signs again. Sending the message again and setting this example for his fellow acts in the country and Africa at large. At least this tells me there's still hope for the future.

Maybe we should all go to school and study "Sarkology". Learn the best way of giving speech on international platforms, to tell good stories about our country and not some village speech.

Words carry weight. It is the little we can all do for our country when we get the opportunity. Don't go out there and join hands with the abrofo to paint us black. We know we are blacks and don't need them to tell us.

Let's grow. Congrats to King Sark and his team.


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