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21.06.2019 General News

Creativity Can Bring Back Our Dying Industry — Movie Director

Creativity Can Bring Back Our Dying Industry — Movie Director
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Movie Director Nebu Ur' Majesty has said Ghanaian movie makers must be creative and find innovative ways to sell their movies whenever they produce them.

According to the director, in an interview on Lark TV, DVDs are gradually fading out, so producing movies on CDs will not be patronized.

Speaking with Larkuor Adjartey, 'Ur Majesty' said they need creativity to make the movie back on track again.

"I think as movie makers, we have to be more creative from the crew to the actors, we need creativity, good storylines, perfect direction, good lighting, sound and shots, if all this is close to 100 percent we will make great movies.

"Nowadays, everything is literally on the phone or laptop so if the film industry finds innovative ways to market it, people will still go and download it and a lot of them will also go to the cinema.

"I have a movie coming up and it's the creativity we need", he stated.