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Jun 7, 2017 | General News

Female Gospel Musicians Must Stop Exposing Their Bodies - Humble Prophet

By Bossu Kule
Female Gospel Musicians Must Stop Exposing Their Bodies - Humble Prophet

Humble Prophet is in the news again and this time on what he calls "indecent exposure" from our Christian female singers.

In a recent interview to promote his yet to release song, Humble Prophet talking about what seems wrong in the gospel industry said, our ladies should reduce the way they expose their bodies to the world because none of them is in a "who is sexy competition" with the other circular musicians

I won't mention names on this but you can tell that, our gospel musicians are literally exposing themselves as those in the circular world are doing. If you should watch 10 gospel music videos, there are 7 out, which in a way or the other has some nude scenes and that is diverting the message we want to preach to our consumers. - Humble Prophet

He also added, these ladies hip their watermelons and put on an outfit that will display those fleshes to us. I think we need to grow pass those things because we are not racing with no one, but on a mission to spread the truth.

Humble Prophet also talked about the release of his latest song which is titled Pam No.

The song was produced by Nakay Mix and management tells us it will be available in the next few days..

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