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Why Should You Choose the Breast Cancer Treatment in India?

Breast Cancer ( Call us: 91-9371136499 )
Breast Cancer ( Call us: 91-9371136499 )

About Breast Cancer:
If you or your loved one has been diagnosed with breast cancer, then you should understand the basics of the breast cancer. Breast cancer is a condition in which you experience uncontrolled growth of breast cells. As per the U.S breast cancer statics, about 1 in 8 U.S women i.e. nearly 12% women will develop the invasive breast cancer in her lifetime. Women in the U.S are at high risk for breast cancer deaths than any other cancer.

Considering these facts, it's important you should know about the symptoms, causes of breast cancer and also the best breast cancer treatments.

What are the symptoms & causes of Breast Cancer?
You may not see any symptoms of breast cancer in the early stages as the lump may be too small to feel. Women may not notice any unusual changes on their own. Often, an abnormal area might turn up while screening mammogram or in x-ray of the breast.

However, in some cases the first sign of breast cancer is new mass or lump in the breast that you or your doctor can feel. Generally, a lump which is hard, painless and has uneven edges has high probability to be cancer. Sometimes, cancers can be soft, tender and rounded.

As per the American Cancer Society, some of the following unusual changes in the breast can be a symptom of the breast cancer.

1. Breast pain
2. Dimpling or Skin irritation
3. Swelling in all or part of the breast
4. Nipple turning inward or nipple pain
5. A nipple discharge other than breast milk
6. Redness, thickening of the nipple or breast skin or scaling

7. Lump in the underarm
These changes can indicate less serious conditions like cyst or infection. It is important to get any breast changes verified promptly by your doctor.

What is Breast Cancer Surgery?
Breast cancer surgery is the first line of attack against the breast cancer. Decisions to undergo the surgery depend on various factors. You should discuss with your doctor to determine the appropriate surgery for you based on the stage of cancer and the traits of the cancer.

Types of Breast Cancer Surgery:
1. Mastectomy: It is more refined and less intrusive method for removing all the breast tissue.

2. Lumpectomy: In this breast-conserving surgery only the tumor and a small amount of the surrounding tissue is removed.

3. Lymph node removal: It can take place during the mastectomy and lumpectomy if the biopsy shows that the breast cancer has spread outside the milk duct. The Some people prefer less invasive sentinel lymph node dissection or the auxiliary lymph node dissection.

4. Cryotherapy: This method is an experimental treatment for breast cancer and also called as cryosurgery. It uses extreme cold for freezing and killing the cancer cells.

5. Breast reconstruction: Here the rebuilding of the breast after mastectomy and sometimes after lumpectomy takes place. This can be done at the same time as the cancer-removing surgery or months/years later. Women who decide not to have breast reconstruction opt for prosthesis.

6. Prophylactic ovary removal: it is a preventive surgery performed to reduce the amount of estrogen in the body thereby making it harder for it to stimulate the development of breast cancer.

7. Prophylactic Mastectomy: It is the preventive removal of the breast to reduce the risk of breast cancer in people prone to have high risk to it.

Is Breast Cancer surgery safe?
The improvements in the technique to perform the different types of breast cancer surgery make it safe. Opting for treatments from highly skilled medical team also ensures that you have safe operations with lower side effects.

Success rate of Breast Cancer Treatment in India:
The success rate of breast cancer treatment in India has drastically improved over a span of few years. The survival rates of breast cancer are based on the stage of cancer and when it was first diagnosed. Individuals who have been diagnosed with stage 0, I & II breast cancer have 100% survival rate. While those who have stage III cancer have 72% survival rate.

About Company:
Over the past few years, India has become a favorite medical tourism destination with foreign patients. The reasons asserted to this include quality healthcare services, professionally trained doctors and low cost treatments. If you are searching for best breast cancer treatment at reasonable cost then ForeRunners Healthcare Consultant will help you through your medical journey.

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