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Nov 7, 2007 | Editorial

The Battle Between The Fox And The Lion


THE FOX is a very cunning animal whose preys find it difficult to know its next line of action. When you expect the fox to be hiding, it will be roaming aimlessly as if it doesn't want anything.

Hunters say sometimes, the fox will pretend to be dead by lying supine and close its eyes as flies hover around its body.

This tactic is to lure unsuspecting preys to get nearer so that it can grab them for the day's meal. The fox is unassuming and smart. It sleeps with one eye opened.

On the other hand, the lion is a greedy and boastful beast. It rules the wild world and it is a threat to almost every animal that dwells in the jungle.

The lion never pretends and neither does it hide its intensions. Seasoned hunters say that actually, the lion fears human beings and if it is the first to see a human being, it first tries to run away but when it runs for a while, it will stop and asked itself:

“What does that man mean that he can face me?” Then it will turn back and run to chase the man and if he gets him, devour him.

In our political landscape, Dr. Obed Asamoah is the fox and Mr. John Rawlings is the lion. Now that the battle line has been drawn between the fox and the lion, we will soon see who is the mightier.

For now, Obed, the fox has floated a political party called Democratic Freedom Party (DFP), while Rawlings still remains the founder of his National Democratic Congress (NDC).

The common issue with the two political parties is that they are professing to be 'democratic'. What is going to happen in the run-up to the 2008 general elections will be very interesting as a lot of secrets would be revealed and cats would be left out of bags.

Insults, threats, name-calling, lies and hatred would be sown and mud would be thrown indiscriminately. The fear is that in the cause of all these, we the bystanders may be hit by 'stray bullets'. They may try to spoil our hi-life with their 'konkoma' and put sand in our gari.

Anytime the leadership of the NDC pretends the exit of the Obed and his people is a blessing to the party, I pity their stand.

Because if people like Obed, Nti Fordwour, Okaija Adamafio, Kofi Asante, Frances Essiam, Lawyer Kwaku Baah, Alhaji Ishmail Bawah and some party gurus from the Volta Region decide to come together to form a political party, I am afraid the battle will be hotter.

Oh, yes, did they not say that when the fish comes from the river and tells us that the crocodile is dead, we should not challenge it?

These people in the new party (DFP) were together in the NDC and planned together. Whether they planned evil or good for the people of this country, the truth will come out soon when the floodgate of political campaigning is opened.

Frances Essiam started the game of revelation by telling the good people of this country that Rawlings once gave her money to take on Maame Dokono and Obed Asamoah. Who knows what more she has under her kaba?

When I looked into my crystal ball, I could see Frances Essiam shaking her big 'backsides' to tease the NDC, and Asamoah, the fox, also at his rhetoric best.

I could see Nii Okaiji Adamafio mesmerizing the people of Odododiodoo in perfect Ga as Nti Fordwour woos the Asantes to join the Democratic Freedom Party.

I saw Kwaku Baah climbing the Kwahu Mountains to deliver his message of salvation, shouting FREEDOM! FREEDOM!! FREEDOM!!!
Indeed, events leading to the 2008 general elections would be worth watching.

The NDC will try everything possible to portray Obed and his people as betrayers. They will delve into their archives to find what might have been said by the Obed people when things were rosy and times were good when they were playing ball with the NDC and play it back for Ghanaians to hear.

They did a similar thing to the late Arkaah for a political mark and they will try it once again. What is going to happen is that the NDC will be fighting from two fronts. Whereas the NPP will be attacking from all angles, the NDC will have to divide its might into two: one to ward off the incursions of the NPP and the other to fight Obed's gang.

And when there should be a run-off, I can bet my last Kufuor dollar that Obed will surely move in sympathy with the NPP rather than go back to campaign on the same platform with the party that he spat out like dirt. Indeed, the Fox will join the Elephant to subdue their common enemy, the Lion.

That will make the difference and those who are saying “Obed can go'' will then realize that Obed had indeed gone. Mark my words.

But can you imagine what will happen in the Volta Region when Obed decides to conquer the 'World Bank'? I, your irrepressible Angel Gabriel, would be watching from the firmament, where I abide. Asem kese beba dabi!!!

By Eric Bawah

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