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14.11.2019 Football News

2021 AFCON Qualifiers: Black Stars Players Interact With UCC Students [PHOTOS]

By Samuel Ekow Amoasi Appiah
2021 AFCON Qualifiers: Black Stars Players Interact With UCC Students [PHOTOS]

The players of the senior national team, the Black Stars of Ghana visited students of the University of Cape Coast on Wednesday ahead of their 2021 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers against South Africa.

As part to bring back the love initiated by the new Ghana Football Association, the players interacted with the students.

On Tuesday, the team interacted with fans at Winneba and Mankessim.

Ghana will host South Africa today [November 14] at the Cape Coast Stadium before they play Sao Tome in four days time.

The match has been scheduled to kick off at 19:00GMT.

Photos below...

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