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06.05.2008 Sports News

Me and my big mouthWho is not doing what?

By Kofi Owusu Aduonum - Ghanaian Chronicle
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The establishment of Mixed Zones at our Stadia is to create a forum for the press to have easy access to competing teams on match days.

It is at the Mixed Zone that the media find answers to their numerous questions that need definite answers.

During the Ghana 2008 Nations Cup competition, the Zone served a useful purpose to the media, where they met and interacted with players and consequently laid bare to the public what transpired at the meeting.

The question crying for a definite answer is why the establishment of the Mixed Zone at the Ohene Djan stadium has lost its purpose and gradually turning into a white elephant.

The creation of the facility was to discourage media men from pouring onto the fields for interviews after games. However, the inaccessibility to the Zone compels some media men to revert to the uncouth way of accessing news from competing teams by rushing onto the field.

Whoever is responsible for the running of the Mixed Zone should be stirred from his slumber and get busy, since some of us cannot stand the embarrassment from police officers in our attempt to source for post-matche interviews.

A senior colleague, Daniel Kenu of the Graphic Communications Group and myself tried in vain to get in touch with the two teams after the Ghana-Togo African

Nations Champions first leg qualifier at the Ohene Djan Stadium last Sunday.

Those who have been tasked to run the place must ensure that they see to the organization of post-match press conferences and one-on-one interviews with players after every game, be it a local league game or a continental match.

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