United Boxing Coaches Association of Ghana (UBCAG) to register all boxers with clubs /gyms in Ghana

By Sammy Heywood Okine
Boxing United Boxing Coaches Association of Ghana UBCAG to register all boxers with clubs gyms in Ghana

President of the United Boxing Coaches Association of Ghana Mr. Charles Quartey and his first Vice President Mr. Lawrence Carl Lokko have spoken about the way forward for Ghana boxing, especially on the contribution of coaches and the game upliftment of boxers.

In an exclusive interview with Mr. Nat Attoh of Joy Sports, the president said, that over the years they have seen boxers from various clubs moving to different clubs whenever they feel like, or if a little misunderstanding arises between the boxer and his coach which is very sad to say,

He said whenever such a thing occurs it happens the coach loses totally because it is not easy to train and build up a boxer from the amateur level to the professional and he just moves into a new club, which is unlike football because when you move there is a percentage the new club will pay before you move, known as transfer fees.

“We want the best of the relationship between boxers and their coaches and it’s high time we start that now to have a united front,I have dedicated myself and my arms are widely open to advise the young and upcoming coaches also with my knowledge to help project Ghana boxing to the next level because it’s the same sports that have made us who we are today,” said Lawrence Carl Lokko of the Bronx Gym.

“We have put in place all necessary requirements to register every boxer in every Gym so we can have fair treatment between boxers and their trainers” he added.

Broadcaster Mr Nathaniel Attoh asked the coaches about their relationship between the GBA, GBF and the media and Mr Charles Quartey answered that was a smooth relationship, however, they will sit with them to see the way forward for a better future.