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You Two Will Vanish

As I walked the path of loneliness this morning
My being laid in stasis
But I had much courage, though so hidden
To be felt that you will vanish one-day
But what at all is your yield
For creating an enemy
To destroy mankind,who are just like you, having blood

So many to be numbered?
You have succeeded to mould us into cowards
For our giants are turned into kids
And hurry into their rooms at your yell
Your deeds won't stay
You will one-day vanish and see decay
You have caused us much grief
Why do you hate to see us smile?
A killjoy,that is who you really are
You have scattered my unions
I can't meet my people
I can't join my family for meetings
I hide to reply their greetings
Why have you open up to become a reservoir of wickedness?

Obeying the dictates of men to kill their fellow men.

We were born not as beggars but as rulers
We were born to overcome
We are born to bounce back
We won't bow to beg--never expect that.
You and the enemy you created to cause our extinct
Won't live eternal
So don't gloat over us as we lose our bloods--I pray

For you two will vanish too.
Nana Adu Rockson

By Nana Adu Rockson || Modern-Day Poet

Posted by: Nana Adu Rockson || Modern[-] Day Poet

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