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'They Don't Know You My Son'My Mother

I quite remember when I was between the ages of 6 and 9 we were living in the soldiers' barracks. We had a football competition between quarters twice in a year (Easter and Christmas holidays). Though I wasn't a star player, I was never dropped out of any competition.

My only weakness was with penalty kicks. It got to a time when I became the captain of my side and automatically I was supposed to be taking the first penalty kicks be it regulation time or shootouts. My coach who happened to be my senior brother had a lot of respect for me on the field of play but doubted my capabilities when penalty kicks dawned on me.

My team and I were lucky to get to the finals for the first time ever and because of my weakness my coach had this for me; Are you sure you can net down our penalty kicks? I replied in affirmative. 'All right but we just don't want you to disappoint us.'

The challenge was daunting. Later, feeling the despondent I told my mother what the coach/my senior brother had said. I shall never forget her sweet assuring words: 'they don't know you my son.' Soon all became history I didn't only score my penalty kick in the finals but got the best player of the tourney.

The point here is not the success actually but the encouragement my sweet mother gave me. I have come to realize that when the going gets tough, mothers are always there to give words of encouragement. Encouragement they say is the like the oxygen to the human heart. Giving it always can save someone from fainting.

Happy Mother's Day

by Nino Music

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