He was with 3 ladies before Cuppy- Ryan Taylor/Cuppy Breakfast Story

By agboola ibrahim
Celebrity He was with 3 ladies before Cuppy- Ryan Taylor/Cuppy Breakfast Story

The breakfast speculation between the Nigerian disc jockey, Cuppy, and her celebrity boyfriend, a UK boxer, thickens in their air like the smoke from a fresh burning bush.

The Popular British boxer, Ryan Taylor has given a clue to the breakup speculations as he unfollows his fiancée, DJ Cuppy, on Instagram.

Recall that Popular Nigerian disc jockey, Florence Otedola, aka DJ Cuppy revealed that she got engaged to her fiance, Ryan Taylor, two days after their meeting. They met in November 2022.

"I got engaged in November after two days. The two days came into play because it was so quick. And you get to know the person after,” she said.

After their engagement, Dj Cuppy was always flaunting her engagement and the two lovers will share their romantic moments on their social media page.

Ever since the start of their relationship, social media users were too quick to predict the possible end of their relationship on social media. Some said, 'I give them ten days' while some said something entirely different.

A recent development speaks about a rift creeping furtively into their affair. This became open when Cuppy and her man unfollowed each other, but have reportedly refollowed him.

A quick check on his Instagram page has shown that Ryan Taylor no longer follows her on Instagram.

The speculation is becoming thicker when Ryan Taylor took to his Instagram to share a cryptic post. Although the post was not directed to anyone in particular, it more or less speaks about his relationship with Cuppy.

His post read;
“If it’s blocking your spiritual growth, let it go”

His post has given room for wild reactions as fans and social media users expressed different opinions. This is when a user claimed that she had known Ryan Taylor to have engaged with three ladies before he engaged Cuppy.

Mixed reactions have trailed the reports;
favourr.oj wrote: “This her fiancé have Been engaged to like 3 different girls in the past.,When he engaged cuppy I was like I’m going to give this their engagement 10 months before I know is real..”

hem_my88 wrote: “Even billionaires pikin dey block spiritual growth, precious avoid me pls”

favou_rr wrote: “Spiritual growth keh? @ this gender and excuses”

brie.lucky wrote: “Not a hater, but I always knew that “ he engaged me after 2 days” ain’t gonna stand.”

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