I Have Death Resistant-Power: Portable, After Escaping Death In An Auto Crash

By agboola ibrahim
Calabash I Have Death Resistant-Power: Portable, After Escaping Death In An Auto Crash

Singer Portable is becoming the object of discussion again following his narrow escape from a ghastly accident in his new G-Wagon Barbus.

The accident happened on July 12th, 2023, when the “Zazoo Zeh” crooner was driving in the rain to the studio alongside Osapa London in Lagos.

This is coming after Portable raises the bar as he gifts his artistes Young Duu a fairly used car, a Honda (End of Discussion).

In his statement following the incident, Portable revealed that he would buy times 10 of the G-Wagon through his hustle in the music industry.

He however mocked people whom he thought were spiritually behind the incident. He said they claimed that he did a ritual to buy his car and that the car will cause his death. According to Portable, they failed in their plot because he did not die, only his car was damaged.

Contrary to rumor, Portable cleared that he was not under the influence of drugs; the accident was a result of a heavy downpour.

He further bragged that he can not die because he has a death-resistant power and that he is living to fulfill a purpose.

His statements read partly;
"I will buy another one. hustle wey buy me that one go buy another one; I just started. your are all in danger, they used mouth to destroy my car. you can not destroy my life. now, the car didn't kill me oo. they said the money ritual that have the car will cause my death.

na rain collet am, no be say I de on drug. I de go studio when it happened, no be say I wan go do bad thing. music is business. na inside this music I go see money buy times 10, I go buys house for Lekki. I have death resistant power, go and get yours. before anybody can catch me..."

See reactions below;
@Xperience_Snr: Thank God he survived but is time he grows up! Too much of everything is terrible…. Terry G was known for being the madness of the street but he still had control.

@LaceVine: and @tijanihabeeb School is not scam afterall.

kfra_88: Thank God for the G-wagon , very strong car.

@amudaDewale: Thank God for ur life.
@IconB2000: You are a very very dull person.
@kfra_88: Portable is fast becoming Tupac shakur.
@kfra_88 : Instead of him to Thank God that he made it alive he is still making mouth.

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