"I Lied" Another Lady Confesses Making False Allegations On Davido

By agboola ibrahim
Calabash I Lied Another Lady Confesses Making False Allegations On Davido

Chisome, a young social media user has come out to swallow her words over maligning allegations on singer Davido, a Nigerian talented singer.

Chisome gained prominence on social media on July 3rd, 2023 over a claim that her intimate relationship resulted in a pregnancy for the singer, Davido. She has come out now to retract her words by asserting that all her claims against Davido were false.

In her previous post, she alleged that singer Davido persuaded her with 10 million nairas to abort the pregnancy she had for the singer. She however claimed that she agreed to the "Timeless" crooner's bid to abort the pregnancy.

“I was a victim of Davido too. I was once pregnant with Davido. He told me to remove it and even if I come online that nobody will listen to me because he has fans. He texted me and promised to give me N10 million. I agreed and aborted the baby, but Davido never fulfilled his promise; he didn’t Give me my N10 million,” she narrated.

Interestingly, in a recent post by Chisome, she let out a long cry on social media about the consequence she is suffering concerning her false allegations on Davido.

Consequently, she lamented that her family, job, and friends are already in jeopardy as a consequence of her false pregnancy claims for Davido.

She however tendered an apology to Davido for dragging him unjustly.

“I just lost my job, family, and friends, even the brand I am working for… I sincerely apologize to David for dragging HIM out like that… and also to Nigerians for dragging your favorite. I apologize,” she wrote.

Social media users do not wait to react to her posts. They suggested that the rationale behind her allegations of Davido was to chase clout; unfortunately, the whole planned thing went out wrongly.