15.04.2020 Article

Journey Back Home For Health Tourism

By Prince Tosefa
Journey Back Home For Health Tourism
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“Probability is the most important concept in modern science, especially as nobody has the slightest idea what it means," -Bertrand Russell.

As of this writing- 14/04/2020, the Covid-19 outbreak has killed many people in Europe, America, Asia and millions of people are currently quarantined and the numbers keep rising exponentially. The same cannot be said about Africa, the race phenomenon was classified as the major factor but there’s no scientific basis for race because the concept of race is not grounded in genetics, it’s a made-up label which has been used to define and separate people for millennia.

Covid-19 different characteristics among Africans can be derived from ANTHROPOLOGICAL perspective. Human species, HOMO SAPIENS, evolved in Africa and the deep truth is all people alive today are Africans-[The Skull Collection for the Study can be found at Pennsylvania University Museum]. Anatomically modern human features emerge in Africa-300,000 years ago and the tropics are the favored place for our species- Homo sapiens, it shields tissue from dangerous UV rays. In countries with less sun, lighter skin allows the body to absorb enough UV rays to synthesize vitamin D, which is needed for healthy immune systems and bones.

The most detailed scientific study of a Covid-19 patient has produced encouraging findings about the human immune systems ability to fight the virus and help the body recover. In Ghana the numbers tested and the numbers being positive as at this narrative is around 0.35% in terms of active contact tracing and aggressive testing. For me, the virus is behaving differently in tropical zones which raise questions that are not merely scientific/speculative but anthropological expedition. If the trend continues we might felt an overwhelming sense of relief at the end of April 2020 and used the opportunity to promote health tourism, which is a perfect blend of sunshine, traditional foods, traditional herbs or conventional medicine with modern objective health assessment for preventive wellness.

Moreover, by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail’’ And it does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculation if you live near him’’. Therefore we must follow the WHO protocols because prevention is better than cure—Wash your hands frequently, Maintain Social distancing, Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth, if you have fever, cough and difficulty breathing seek medical care early, stay at home.

God is able!!!
Writer: P.K TOSEAFA [Activist]
[email protected]

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