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Self-Mockery Of The Leadership Of The Methodist Church, Ghana

Self-Mockery Of The Leadership Of The Methodist Church, Ghana
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The leadership of the Methodist Church, Ghana is now living in illusion and subconsciously claiming to be more pious than their Masters, the Methodist Church, Great Britain. They have easily forgotten that the Methodist Dogma they cherish dearly is not their own creation.

This writer posits that any group of people who have subconsciously internalized religious beliefs or Social Construction of Reality from their Oppressors subconsciously claims the ownership of the Dogma which has robbed them of their creative powers and imagination to help their own people for development.

Such people who have accepted alien Cosmology tend to have dependency Psyche in the spectrum of all human experience and it is exactly what is manifesting in the Methodist Church of Ghana.

In a publication which appeared on July 19, 2019, on the website of the Daily Guide Network, one reads the rantings of the Most Reverend Dr. Paul K. Boafo and he goes on, " The Methodist Church, Ghana has not amended her position on marriage as covenant between one man and one woman and neither do we permit cohabitation by unmarried couples nor encourage divorce by Christians".

This self-piety Dogmatic Doctrine which does not promote social transformation is diametrically opposed to the dynamic flowering-spirit and the human-centered Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Methodist Church of Ghana and the soit-disant Evangelicals should theme up with the Government of Ghana to uproot the Demonic, Cancerous Sin of Corruption from our society. They should vehemently support the Government to enact laws in the country to investigate the source of income to help stamp out the most deadly sin (amartia) in the eyes of Jesus Christ.

Corruption kills the unborn and deprives the living from reaching her or his full potential as a human being, the child of God if the Methodist Church of Ghana and the so-called Evangelicals claim to be followers Jesus Christ.

Rev. Yaw Obeng-Aduasare, M. Div.

New York City

July 20, 2019

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