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The Coronavirus: A Blessing In Disguise For Africans

The Coronavirus: A Blessing In Disguise For Africans
LISTEN MAR 9, 2020

The CORONAVIRUS IS A BLESSING in disguise as far as Africans and their corrupt leaders are concerned.

"Say, what?"Yes, you heard me right! But don't go anywhere. You will get it in a minute.

This has to be one of those articles when the subject needs to be approached gingerly and with due respect for our fellow world citizens' loss; lest I'll be accused of 'hard-heartedness'. With that firmly planted in mind, I'll delicately go ahead and attempt to shed some much-needed light on where deep darkness has occupied for weeks(and perhaps decades ).

Relax, this is not your typical shift-the -blame piece. You won't find any philosophical platitudes or social experts' mumbo-jumbo parables here. I am not here to made fun of such a deadly epidemic. I have no interest in rubbernecking or trivializing the effects of this deadly virus that have virtually brought the entire world on its knees--economically, medically and socially.

However, there are lessons to be learned in every situation and tragedy. I believe from others we learn our most vital and valuable lessons in life. Second, only to our own mistakes and unique experiences we learn best from the experiences of those of whom we most admire and respect--and in rare cases those we detest.

As we all react (with fear and trepidation) to the effects of the deadly virus, there are other dimensions to the pandemic that are emerging which need examination, attention, explanation, exclamation and reflection.

Here is my beef: African leaders are known for hoarding their 'booties' in foreign lands for future use while their citizens meander hopelessly at home. And instead of improving the quality of life and the health care delivery system in their countries, they're also known for jetting off to foreign countries to seek medical attention for themselves and their families. In other words, they make policies at home that they're aware that they won't yield any positive dividend, yet they don't give a damn--as long as they get their cuts.

Lo and behold, the coronavirus has raised its ugly head and everything gone haywire. Everything is on lockdown status. They can't travel anymore, so those expensive 'government official trips' (euphemism for luxurious vacations) are out of the way. Secondly, there is no vaccine for the virus yet, therefore we're all in this 'shit' together. No foreign hospital is going to accept them when they come up with the virus' symptoms.

Another good thing is that after everything is over, we will learn that over-dependency on any nation for our survivability is deadly and dangerous. We virtually buy everything from China, so technically, they're our next-door neighbors, yet we know nothing about their language, culture or alphabet. Paradoxically, we're acting as if we're so secured and far away from the' frontline'.

Look, it took the Chinese 9-days to put up a modern hospital to house the victims of the virus. Yet, for decades, we can't even find solutions to the destruction of our water bodies, let alone our accidents prone, potholes infested and armed robbery infested roads. We can't find solutions to our emerging common problems in our communities and towns and villages. Are we mentally impaired or just genetically mean-spirited species?

Our unemployed nurses are home killing time and watching TV while there is a major looming medical emergency in our midst and no one gives a damn. What is wrong with us? Do our policymakers see or hear what we hear?

Whereas other countries are busy preparing to embrace the outcome of the virus with vim and vigor, Africans are resorting to 'prayers camps' and magic oils to fortify themselves against the deadly virus.

For God's sake, can't we suspend the construction of the ' Cathedral' and find solutions to this epidemic first? Where is our quarantined designated areas for the entire nation? Putting our heads in the sand and pretending it won't happen to us is not the best defense.

Oh well, whatever happens, at least, our leaders and policymakers are going nowhere for now---talfiakwa!.We will sink or survive together as a nation. And, that itself is a lesson for all. The chickens are definitely coming home to roost--literally. And I love it.

Aren't we tired of being globetrotters, meandering every part of the world looking for greener pastures because of the home front issues?

On the other front, the coronavirus can sink any political titanic. The NPP administration should get its act together. Whispers have begun that how NPP is handling (or mishandling of the ongoing coronavirus epidemic has the potential to have political consequences. The problem is its inability to stay on the message. As the virus spreads even in developed countries we feel secured with false hope and patting ourselves on the back that we're home free.

But, on moments like this one--when the entire nation is looking to its leadership's assurance, stability and, most importantly, facts to prepare our minds, souls and bodies for the inevitable, we're not getting enough information. Better yet, I was expecting to see constant national 'drill' to prepare the citizenry ahead of time.

Now get this: Coronavirus doesn't discriminate so we better get it right while we have time.

Oh, boy, I'm glad I got that off my chest. It feels so good!

Stay tuned. Be blessed, educated and informed.

BY Kwaku Adu-Gyamfi (voice of reason)

The author is a social commentator and a diehard citizen, not a spectator.

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