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02.02.2020 Feature Article

DROP the YAM, NPP and NDC!

NPP and NDC are HAZARDOUS than ACID. NPP and NDC are toxics in the skin of Ghana.
DROP the YAM, NPP and NDC!
LISTEN FEB 2, 2020

If your husband has maltreated you for many years and just for his visitors buys you the finest thing you can think of in the world just to win your heart to serve his visitors well, you must rethink. NPP and NDC have ruined the life of Ghana and you must not accept any gift just to buy your conscience. Prior to this year’s elections, there will be people who will come in the name of these “life-ruining parties, NPP and NDC” asking you to vote for them. They will sometimes entice you with gifts knowing that you actually need them. But I bet you that you can live without those gifts. Accept those gifts and ruin your life and that of others centuries.

Scripture records moments where persons accepted things not knowing they were exchanging wealthy things for T-rolls. You can read the scene of Esau and Jacob. Remember what happened! You can show to NPP and NDC that you have a fundamental right to choose good fortune for mother Ghana. You have to do this by voting for people with heads to bring something better to Ghana. You will regret it as it is part of those who always make the wrong choice of voting for headless people. After all what will they offer you? Hardship with no retirement! Ghana can be better again if you begin to choose well.

The silence of former President J. A. Kuffuor must be interpreted here. This good man is quiet simply because Ghana is not going well as he wills it and has refused to speak because “they” won’t listen to him. At least Ghana is blessed with two ex-presidents whom current presidents can tap knowledge from but what do Ghanaians witness? “I can also do it, it is my turn” is all they say when they climb the seat.

If you’re a Ghanaian and you’re tired of the situation you find yourself in then dump NPP and NDC in the bin. You go in for Independent Candidates. In fact, they may perhaps not be controlled by party rules and the need to do what the party says in order to be kept in office.

As for NPP and NDC, they are HAZARDOUS than acid.

“Drop the yam! NPP and NDC!”

From the pen of Emmanuel Graham Nyameke.

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