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22.01.2020 Press Statement

A Rather Clandestine Move By An Anonymous Group To Cause Chaos

...In The Northeast Region And East Mamprusi Municipality In Particular
A Rather Clandestine Move By An Anonymous Group To Cause Chaos
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Our attention has just been drawn to the sad news that, a certain group calling itself Concerned Youth of Gambaga have sought to create an undue tension in the Northeast region by putting together a needless piece of an article seeking to accuse the member of parliament for the Nalerigu-Gambaga constituency who doubles as the Local government and rural development minister of plotting to change the municipal capital from Gambaga to Nalerigu.

We, therefore, find their move a very ill-thought-out plan to create chaos and anarchy in the area. Some people amongst them have sought to disturb and undermine the peace of the area for reasons that are suspected to be political capital. It is therefore disgusting to have in our midst, people who should have known better, the importance of the peace we have enjoyed here in the northeast region over the years, arrogantly coming out to incite two peace-loving communities against each other.

What are they talking about? What is wrong with it, if an appointment is giving to someone who hails from a certain town and the name of the town is stated as such in the appointment letter? We, therefore, find the evidence in their warmongering article, very weak, hypocritical, absurd and pathetic. All the people that have been mentioned in their article purporting to have received their letters for the population census office (District Census Officer) in the various districts and municipalities are from the communities that have been stated in their letters.

Therefore, it is a factual misrepresentation to say that someone is figured for plotting to change a municipal headquarters from Gambaga to Nalerigu. We wish to bring to their notice, in case they are ignorant that, their fabrications and machinations can not stand the test of legality. No one can just get up and change a district capital when it has already been established. One can only lobby for capital when the district is yet to be created, not when it has been established. The Honourable MP does not have the legal power to do that and such foolishness does not sit in her head.

Therefore, it is the home towns of the respective census officers that have been captured in their appointment letters and not their district and municipal capitals as the ghost concerned Gambaga youth leaders want us to believe. For example, the census officer for Yunyoo-Nansuan is a resident in a village called, Kakum, and that is precisely how it is stated in his appointment letter, the one in Yagaba-Kubore is a resident in Yagaba, but a native of Nakpanduri who teaches at the Senior High school at Yagaba, and the one just in our municipality is from Nagboo and it is stated exactly so in his letter. Does this by the weird logic of these so-called concerned youth of Gambaga suggest that, someone is scheming to move the municipal capital from Gambaga to Nagboo?

This is really disheartening and unthinkable. So if a certain guy, due to the fact that his own attitude denied him the opportunity will brainwash the so-called youth into coming out with such an article that clearly demonstrates the fact that, they haven't been trained and brought up well, it is heartbreaking and mind-boggling.

How can you just decide to call yourselves leaders of a group and all you seek to do is to create hullabaloo in a baby region like the northeast region which still needs development to benefit its inhabitants? What is most worrying and sickening is that these group of so-called youth leaders is not even living within the region, they have no better investments in the region, their children do not reside in the region and they don't even visit the region more often. So they don't stand to lose anything, should any confusion erupt in the region. It is we those who will remain here in the northeast region that will bear the brunt of the aberrant behaviours of these guys.

We wish to submit to them that, whoever is behind this plot to rather create tension in this part of the region will not succeed in his/her actions. There are no plans whatsoever to change any municipal capital from Gambaga to Nalerigu as have been nefariously put out in their war drumming article, and it does not even lie within anybody's legal purview to do that. We will like to make it categorically and unambiguously clear to them that, the choice of the regional capital was solely within the remit of the president of the Republic of Ghana, and nobody in Ghana, not even the vice president had the power to have averted the wish and the choice of the president.

Therefore, it is palpably bizarre and unwarranted for some unscrupulous and ill-mannered people to seek to create confusion between two most important towns in the northeast region(Gambaga and Nalerigu) for their selfish, personal, and political parochial gains. We have the firm belief that the architects of this article are not really youth of Gambaga since some sections of the youth wings of Gambaga have disassociated themselves from this attempt to cause fear and panic in the Northeast region. Their article has rightly proven the anonymity of these "coup plotters".

The people of the two towns have been brothers and sisters, in-laws, business partners, co-workers and virtually doing everything in common. So as we draw closer to the most crucial 2020 presidential and parliamentary elections, we will urge that, such war solicitors desist from their plans to plunge this region and the kingdom into confusion and unnecessary feuds.

We will like to end at this juncture by pleading with the chief of Gambaga, elders, religious leaders, political leaders, opinion leaders and all stakeholders of both towns to disregard the article or whatever it is, that was put together by those people, and treat it with the disdain it so much deserves, and also call those so-called youth leaders to order if only they are not anonymous.



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