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29.03.2006 Regional News

The fear of the unknown during the eclipse kept people at home

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Adaklu Have (V/R), March 29, GNA - For the fear of the unknown during and after the eclipse, most farmers, traders and commercial transport operators at Adaklu Have, Adaklu Vodze, Adaklu Kodzobi and Kodzobi-Ando, all in the Adaklu Anyigbe District stayed at home.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency they said "anything could happen" so in order to save themselves from the unknown, they decided to rest today at home.

Immediately after the eclipse people were seen in groups discussing the phenomenon, while some said it was a sign of the end times others said it was nothing extraordinary.

Mr. Samuel Deh, a Presbyter of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church at Adaklu Kodzobi, said though he witnessed the 1947 eclipse as a teenager, today's solar eclipse had rekindled his faith in God.

He said, "The Almighty God can do anything he likes with the world" and appealed to those who doubt the existence and Authority of the supreme God to take a cue from today's eclipse and change for the better. A commercial vehicle driver who plies between Ho and Adaklu Have, Mr Rueben Gotah, said though he knew the eclipse would occur today when it started it seemed to him the world was going to end and he became depressed.

Miss Juliet Nyatsikor, six, a pupil of Adaklu Kodzobi Local Authority Primary School, said she was delighted to witness the eclipse. She said, "29th March, 2006 will be a memorable day in my life because of the celestial phenomenon I saw today".

In one of the communities, a man who wanted to remain unanimous fired two gunshots after the moon had finally cleared off the path of the sun.