Ignorance Is John Mahama Hallmark

By Coalition of NPP zongo youth (CONZY)
Press Statement Ignorance Is John Mahama Hallmark
DEC 5, 2019 LISTEN

"The life of the heart is knowledge; so preserve it and the death of the heart is ignorance so avoid it" by Shaykh Ibrahim Inyass is the difference between the NPP and the NDC.

It is a disgrace and a political dishonesty for John Mahama and the NDC to have a say in the Zongo Development Fund(ZDF). We were in this country during your tenure of office from vice president to president and you did not have any clear-cut policy for the Zongo.

So, you think developing football talents is waste of time. Mahama seriously you lack ideas. Look at the money footballers are earning and transferring into the country. Some investing into businesses. Some of these gentlemen are from the Zongo communities, so instead of misusing us as the hawks, Azoka boys and the likes, our talents can be unearth through sports and that is exactly what Nana Addo envisaged during opposition days and seriously implementing in government. Please former president Mahama give us a break since you are not bringing on board your own policies. What is your policy direction for this country?

The only thing you were good at was implanting policies that will only benefit you and your family members. We were in this country when you siphon money from SADA, which should have benefited all your kinsmen in the north, for the 4-8 years you stayed in the castle and the jubilee/flag staff house, you never notice the challenges of the Zongo communities, one of your highest vote baskets in the urban areas. It is good you never thought of us since the money voted for us could have been wasted like the SADA. We now know that you do not care about our struggles. You only want us to vote for you to steal the country again whilst we struggle to pay the debt of no benefit to us. We have permanently recovered from our short memory.

Thank you Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo, the visionary leader who have the Zongo and the northern communities at heart. We are benefitting from the ZDF through your initiative. The NPP have made us the zongorians believe that knowledge is not just powerful, it's a necessity for success. Thus the clear difference between the Npp and the Ndc.

Long live the zongorians

Long live the NPP

Long live coalition of NPP zongo youth (CONZY)

Yussif Mahamud (Organiser)

0243550159 / 0266330932

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