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24.03.2006 Business & Finance

Woman, 28, dies in attempted abortion

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Bawku (UE/R) March 24, GNA - An attempt by a 28-year-old woman, Asibi Asuang, to abort a 3-month-old pregnancy after her husband's threat to eject her from their matrimonial home, has led to her untimely death in Bawku.

It was alleged that Asibi was impregnated by another man, when her husband travelled to seek greener pastures down south last year. Mohammed Asuang, husband of the deceased, said they had been married for over three years with a three-year-old daughter. He said somewhere in November last year, he travelled to Kumasi and returned in February this year to discover that the wife was pregnant. Mohammed said he demanded to know the person, who impregnated her, but she denied she was never pregnant.

He said on Wednesday, when it began obvious due to the wife's swelling belly, he asked her to go for a test to determine her state of health.

The husband said the result was positive and indicated that she was 13 weeks pregnant, which meant he was not responsible for the pregnancy. He said based on that, he asked her to tell him who was responsible for it, but she refused compelling him to ask her to leave their house. Mohammed said on Thursday, he left for work only to be informed later that the wife had drank a concoction to abort the pregnancy leading to her death.

Meanwhile, the matter was neither reported to the police nor the hospital before the body was buried.