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24.11.2019 Politics

Assembly Members Advocate ‘No' Vote’ In December Referendum

By News Desk
Assembly Members Advocate ‘No' Vote’ In December Referendum

Some Assembly Members within the Greater Region have kicked against the partisanship of local level elections.

They are of the opinion that, politicization of local level polls will prevent competent people from contesting such elections.

The December 17 referendum which is aimed at legitimizing the participation of political parties at local level elections has been greeted with mixed reaction.

While the government and some civil society organization are in support of a 'Yes' vote, the opposition NDC, some organizations and a section of the National House of Chiefs are advocating for a 'No' vote.

In a Citi News interview, two of these assembly members campaigning for a 'NO' vote said political parties participation in local level elections will increase the cost of the elections and breed corruption.

Erasmus Odartey Xerton, who is the Assembly Member for Ringway Electoral Area said:

“For political parties getting involved into assembly elections, it is a big no. I personally came into this business without the help of any political party. If it is allowed, are they telling us people like me cannot get the chance to go into the elections? When parties start funding assembly elections, we have to file for primaries through their laws before we get their support.”

For the Assembly Member for Osu Alata, Hubert Kpakpo Garshong, there is no need for level governance to be partisan.

“I am for a NO. The reason being that, we don’t want the local assemblies to be politicized because that is the only place that we hardly see politics dividing us. I feel politics should be left at the top for the base to be left as it is”, he said.