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11.11.2019 Diaspora News

Lolonyo Association Of North Carolina Ewes Elects Its Inaugural Executive Officers

By Dorothy Akofa Avoke
Lolonyo Association Of North Carolina Ewes Elects Its Inaugural Executive Officers

Members of the Lolonyo Association of North Carolina Ewes gathered at a Hibachi restaurant in Durham on Saturday November 9, 2019 for the first ever election of executive officers since its establishment in July 2018.

One of the visions of the association is to come together to build up a well-connected community of Ewes living in the Raleigh-Durham and Apex Area to promote our culture, strengthen relationships and support each other. Thirty-five members were present to elect the association’s four-member executive team.

In his opening address, the chair the Election Committee, Mr. Michael Fiatsi urged members to recognize the importance of this momentous event. All of the nominees for high office had been serving in an interim capacity for over a year. Each gave a 5-minute speech to express their vision for the association and how they plan to use their roles to accomplish them if elected.

Eligible members present voted to elect the executive board of the Lolonyo Association of NC Ewes which comprised a President, Vice President of Finance and Fundraising, Vice President of Marketing, Media and Publicity and a Treasurer.

At the end of polling, Dr. Doris Dzameshie was declared the President. In her acceptance speech, she expressed her vision to continue to mobilize Ewes in the Research Triangle Park area and beyond and to get the association to become an official non-profit organization.

Other elected members to the executive board include Mr. Gideon Segbefia as Vice President of Finance, Mrs. Akofa Avoke as Vice President of Marketing and Media Relations and Mrs. Victoria Puplampu as Treasurer. They also gave brief acceptance speeches.

At the end of the event, members socialized and congratulated the new executive officers.

To learn more about Lolonyo Association of North Carolina Ewes, visit and our Facebook page - “Lolonyo Association of North Carolina Ewes”