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07.11.2019 General News

I’m A Victim Of Hatred, Bias – Kologo Naba Debunk Rumours Of Removal

By News Desk
I’m A Victim Of Hatred, Bias – Kologo Naba Debunk Rumours Of Removal

Paramount Chief of the Kologo Traditional Area in the Kasena-Nankana Municipality of the Upper East Region, Naba Clifford Abagna Asobayire V, has disregard reports suggesting his removal from the Kologo Skin as Paramount Chief.

He said reports making the rounds that he has been disenskinned, are false and untruths being circulated by some “bitter” members of the royal family, who lost to him during the contest for the Kologo Skin, to dent his image and reputation.

Traditional Elders and the Asobayire family, headed by Francis Ayamwuni Asobayire, performed rituals yesterday to disenskin Naba Abagna Asobayire V.

Traditional rites including slaughtering of a rum and a fowl at the Kologo Chief Palace on Monday, announced the disenskinment of Naba Clifford Abagna Asobayire V who himself was absent from the meeting although was invited.

The family head announcing the decision mentioned accusations including disrespect for Clan Elders, the lack of accountability, transparency and high-handed rulership, as reasons for removing Naba Clifford Asobayire V, from the Skin as the Overlord of the Kologo Traditional Area.

Francis Ayamwuni Asobayire also made reference to a court case involving the Paramount Chief and the need for the Kologo royal family to protect the name of the Kologo Skin from public ridicule, as some other reasons for ousting Naba Clifford Abagna Asobayire V.

But commenting on the incident for the first time Naba Clifford Abangna Asobayiri V flatly denied all the allegations, adding that he has become a victim of hatred, bitterness and bias.

He stated that persons who failed to beat him in the Skin contest in 2018 are behind the” lies and total falsehood” targeted at “frustrating his Chiefdom and making things difficult for him”.

Naba Clifford Abagna Asobayire V, maintains that he is the only and remains the true gazette Paramount Chief of Kologo, with a recognition in the National Register of Chiefs, and that the opinions of others have no effect on his legitimate occupation of the Skin.

Naba Clifford Abagna Asobayire dismissed sections of the report that he has become disobedient to elders and failed severally to honour their invitation, saying “I have never refused to honour any invitation from the Kologo Royal Clan or family to any meeting”.

Touching on the issue of misappropriation of monies paid as compensation to farmers whose lands were taken up for a government project, Naba Clifford Abagna Asobayire explained that the monies were paid directly into the account of a leader of the farmers for onward presentation to them, stressing that he had no involvement in how the funds were disbursed.

Further on, the Kologo Naba believes his efforts to make things right and put a stop to certain ill practices in the area such as the felling of rose wood and other indigenous trees, has not gone down well with his detractors who have their hands in the illicit trade, hence their crusade to smear his person with lies and falsehood.

The Kologo Naba stated his readiness to honour invitations from neutral Kologo Clan or Family head to any meeting on matters that bother on the issues or development of the area. He however added that he will not engage with or participate in meetings with Francis Ayamwuni Asobayire since he doubts his neutrality on issues.

Meanwhile, some seven Clan Elders and Elders of the Traditional Council have registered their disagreement with the announcement of vacancy of the Skin.

According to them, the process of his disenskinment is “unlawful, inappropriate and unacceptable”.

They have therefore urged any individual or group of persons who have issues with Naba Clifford Abagna Asobayire occupying the Skin as Paramount Chief to seek redress at the law courts.

They also warned about the repercussions the failure to use the proper channels in resolving the issues would have on the Kologo community and its people.