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05.11.2019 General News

EC Engaging In Illegal Voter Transfer — NDC Savannah

By Simon A. Tetteh
EC Engaging In Illegal Voter Transfer — NDC Savannah

The NDC in the Savannah Region is accusing the Electoral Commission of Ghana of illegally transferring voters to specific constituencies to favour the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the 2020 elections.

The party says it has enough evidence and information backing the claim.

At a press briefing in the Savannah region, secretary for the NDC Sualisu Be-Awuribe Regional Secretary said, there is evidence that members of the NPP party are going round compiling names of people outside the region and neighbouring constituencies to be transferred to constituencies disadvantageous to them.

He said, the party has intercepted a directive from the EC to compile names of unsuccessful voter transfers after the 4th stipulated date of expiry to facilitate it from Accra.

According to him, the directive was contained in a RIPAC and DIPAC meetings held to brief political parties who are key stakeholders in this exercise.

The development he said the party was not invited.

“Please compile the list of all applicants for transfer who were not successfully processed on the VMS by the close of work on 4th November and submit through the Regional Directors to the Elections Department mails on 5th. The data should include the name, ID no., age, sex, old PS, new PS, date applied, contact number and remarks. IT dept will complete the process and send the ID cards for collection by the applicants.

“This message was not and has never been communicated to us as a party. We are smelling and sniffing out the biased umpires acting as the Number 13th Player in our opponents favour in a Match they are supposed to be neutral Referees,” he bemoaned.

He cautions that the party will resist attempts that intended to mare the 2020 general elections.

The NDC scribe added that “they are ready to defend what is right and legitimate and to crush any subtle manoeuvring with all the power in us if anybody dare do the unthinkable.”

The secretary further called on civil society groups, the security agencies and the international donor community to not only resume taking keen interest in the activities of the Electoral Commission but to also caution them against any subtle manoeuvrings.