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11.03.2006 Diaspora (Canada)

Ghana Flag Raised at Toronto City Hall

By Ghanaian News Canada
Ghana Flag Raised at Toronto City Hall

As part of the 49th Ghana Independence Day Celebration in Toronto, the Ghanaian Canadian Association of Ontario (GCAO) in collaboration with the office of the Ghana's Consul General in Toronto raised the Ghana flag in an official ceremony at Toronto City Hall on March 6, 2006.

Three Ghanaian veterans in Toronto saluted the flag as it was hoisted. In attendance were the Deputy Mayor of the City of Toronto, Mike Feldman and some City Council officials.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Ghana Consul General in Toronto, Nana Boahene put in perspective the impact of Ghana's independence 49 years ago on the African continent. He said, "Our independence inspired other African nations to pursue the same goal. We played a pioneering role in the formation of the OAU, which is the precursor to the present African Union, AU."

Nana Boahene alluded to the fact that Ghana shares in common with Canada some fundamental concepts such as the belief in parliamentary democracy, the rule of law and respect of human rights.

He was happy that Ghanaians in Toronto now proudly take their place at the City Hall among nations whose flags are hoisted and exhibited to the admiration of the mosaic culture of Toronto that all Torontonians cherish.

The Consul General employed all Ghanaians to respect the constitution and to eschew parochial interest for the advancement of the nation. He said, "Sustaining democracy in Ghana has been the bedrock for peace and unity and this must be continued."

Nana Boahene called the attention of all Ghanaians to the immortal words of the eminent Ghanaian composer/musician, Dr. Ephraim Amu – "Yen ara asase ni", and advised that the wisdom in those words should guide our freedom and justice.

The Deputy Mayor of Toronto, Mike Feldman on behalf of Mayor David Miller and his entire council colleagues offered his congratulations to Ghana on its 49 th birthday. He remarked that Ghanaians have added to Toronto the greatest experiment of multi-culturalism where over 170 different nations who speak over 100 languages have come together to settle, to live, to work and to play. He thanked the Ghanaian community for offering

them the opportunity to enjoy our custom, culture and food of Ghana, and that all Torontonians are grateful for that sharing.

He further said that over 40,000 Ghanaians in Toronto find the city a home that is healthy, and prosperous. And that Toronto allows them to grow with their children in a society where differences are solved through dialogue and nothing else.

Some Ghanaians present at the ceremony included the Executives of GCAO, Ex-servicemen, Nana Bediako-Asantefuohene of Toronto, Togbi Hodji, Okyeame Dogo, Julius Dogbe-a retired Justice of Peace and the Ghanaian News. The Ghana Consul General in Toronto held a reception at the City Hall for participants.