29.08.2019 Tragedy

A Sad Story Of A Man Who Suffered As He Tried To Seek Medical Care For His Wife

By Alhaji Alhasan Abdulai
A Sad Story Of A Man Who Suffered As He Tried To Seek Medical Care For His Wife
LISTEN AUG 29, 2019

I had a call from my friend Alhaji Suraju Shaibu who followed up with the following story on his plight. Now read on.

My wife was diagnosed with diabetes almost two years ago. Her situation got worse with a swollen foot, sores all over her foot and toes almost falling out just within a week. I have been sending her for check-ups at the Alpha hospital in Medina, Accra.

On the 26th August, 2019 I rushed her to the Alpha clinic and she was admitted for some few hours and given some first aid,she was transferred to the 37 Military hospital on the 27th August, 2019.

Upon reaching the hospital, I was told to go and register her name in order to acquire a card and folder. After completing all the requirements we were told by the nurses that they are not sure if the doctor will be around so we should rather send her to the Accra Regional Hospital formerly Ridge hospital. Upon reaching the Accra Regional hospital I was told to acquire a card and folder for her, which I did and only to be informed later that there was no bed so we should rather send her to the La General Hospital. Upon reaching the La General hospital we were informed that there were no beds available and therefore we should rather send her to the Korle-bu teaching hospital. Upon reaching the Korle-bu hospital we were driven away and told that why are we bringing her at this hour in the afternoon, I tried to explain to them our story of how we started at 5am from home to the 37 military hospital, Accra Regional hospital, La General hospital and eventually ended up here at Korle-bu Teaching Hospital but all fell on death ears. The ladies on duty shouted at us and said, "Do you want to teach us our job, my friend leave and go."

I had only 70GHC with me which we used for taxi back home. My wife was in serious pain, screaming and crying all day.

My question is, would this have happened to the Minister of Health?

Would this have happened to a Member of Parliament?

Would this have happened to the President of the republic?

Would this have happened to the Vice President?
Would this have happened if I knew someone in a high position at the hospital?

Why are we subjected to this inhuman treatment? Not even a paracetamol was given to my wife.

We are our own enemies.....
I want the Hon. Minister of Health to investigate this matter, please don't just read this and delete. Today it happened to me, tomorrow it could be you (God forbid).

If my wife passes on, who is to blame?
Hon Minister of Health please am down on my knees, investigate this matter and let's get rid of the bad nuts within the health service.

"I once told a friend that we had a long way to go and his response was no, no, no, if you say long way then there is hope, in actual fact, the way does not even exist."

Hon Minister of Health please investigate this matter. People die before their time in Ghana...God save us, God saves us, God saves us.

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