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22.08.2019 Letter

Open Letter To Hon. Dr. Sagre Bambangi MP For Walewale Constituency

By Issah Toha Shamsoo
Open Letter To Hon. Dr. Sagre Bambangi MP For Walewale Constituency
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Dear Sir,
I hope this letter finds you in good health and sound mind wherever you are now. Honourable MP, I’m writing to you as a displeased young constituent from your constituency; Walewale Constituency wishing to draw your kind attention to issues of major concern to the good people of Walewale and it’s environs.

To say the least, Hon. I’m not happy right now as I stated earlier, simply because of your neglect. We are dumped at crossroads. And left on our own to wallow and wander around in the thickest of forest or even in a faraway desert.

Not to bore you so much with a verbose letter, I wish to draw your attention to first of all our municipal library complex which was constructed and commissioned just some few years ago to cater for the people of Walewale and it’s surrounding villages. Now, It is in tatters and nothing seems to work over there, no books, no shelves (the few shelves over there are broken), the fans are not working, inadequate tables, no ICT resource center for students etc. Simply put, it is in a sad state and its current state of affairs cannot be allowed to continue.

I personally went in there on several occasions and I felt sorry for myself and the other readers who walked into the library purposely to read and broaden their scope of knowledge as well as enlighten their minds.

Hon MP, our now municipal library complex in it’s present shape is not fit enough to be a school library talkless being a library complex for a whole municipal.

More importantly, scrap dealers have encroached the land of the library making it even more uncomfortable to study in it due to noise generated from their ends.

Sir, how do we motivate people especially the youth to read under these circumstances?

We need well furnished with up to date books and facilities as a municipal library complex in town.

Honourable MP, secondly of concern is the Walewale Astro turf. I have been wondering for months now what’s actually happening to this fine project, which have the potentiality of opening up Walewale for investment and soaring up local economy.

During the sod cutting ceremony, it was announced in the presence of dignified personalities and the entire populace of Walewale that the project will take a maximum of 3 months to be completed but here we are it is more than a year now and no headway has been made yet and the contractors have deserted the site for months now and no one is uttering even a word.

What is even more heartbreaking is that, our opinion leaders, MCE and our MP who represents us in Parliament is also silent as well. Meanwhile, it had been mentioned times without number by the Finance minster Hon. Ken Ofori Atta that the Astro turf in Walewale is near completion. Same applies to our MCE who have not also said anything since the contractors left. I find your loud silence deadly and worrying.

Other ancillary facilities that were attached to the project during the sod cutting are no more in the actual project, Sir, what happened?

On behalf of youth of Walewale, I would humbly please suggest that you kindly brief us on radio or any other means possible on what is actually happening at the Walewale football park where the Astro turf is been constructed.

To end with, Honourable, I would anxiously hope to hear from you soon. In your reply however, We would humbly expect a detailed roadmap on how you plan to revamp our municipal library complex to meet the standards of a Municipal library complex in your response. Furthermore, we would need to see contractors back on site to finish up the Astro turf as soon as practicable because we are reliably informed that the ones in Madina and Kyebi are completed now of which they all started at the time. Why Walewale? As our representative please endeavour to represent us well in every sphere of your public life.

Have a blessed day ahead.
Sincerely yours,
Issah Toha Shamsoo
(A Concerned Citizen of Walewale and the Youth MP for Nalerigu/Gambaga constituency) – 0502979063

[email protected]

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