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14.02.2006 General News

Gusheigu Traditional area Chiefs Warn Public

By Dawuni Dimalo Chenguni
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We the undersigned chiefs within the Gusheigu Traditional area; hereby advise all who intend to attend the purported installation of the regent of the late Gushei Na Bawa A. Yakubu to call off the visit.

The installation of the regent has not been sanctioned by the Acting President of the Dagbon Traditional Area Na Yab Kug Na and Naa Belli Zohi Na; the Ya Na's elder responsible for the Gusheigu chiefship. The purported installation ceremony is therefore illegitimate and breaches Dagbon custom.

We the undersigned chiefs therefore caution all who intend to attend this illegitimate ceremony to better advise themselves and call it off. Those who refuse and come to Gusheigu from Wednesday 15th February 2006 shall be considered trouble rousers who want to breach the prevailing peace and would therefore be unwanted guests by the good and peace loving people of Gusheigu Traditional area.

1. Abukari Ziblim (Naanga Na)

2, Issah Sugri (Fungaa Na)

3.Yakubu Andani (Yogu Na)