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01.08.2019 Feature Article

Trust In Man: The Curse Of Life

Trust In Man: The Curse Of Life
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Bring your CV, tomorrow morning you will hear from my office- you heard this from your uncle when you finished university as I speak to you now your mates are getting married and your bank account balance is negative, why? You have placed your trust in a man that society calls Destiny helpers. Come and help me start a church and after the Lord has granted us increased, you will pastor one of the branches- this is how come you turned 60 years with no mandate, no message and no impact, why? Because you put your trust in a man that society calls a man of God. I will come and pay your bride price sweetheart, let us just court for another year- you heard this when you were 19 years and you are turning 40 this year, why? You place your trust in a man that society calls Mr. Right. Hmmm, vain is the help of man indeed. Every problem of man is traceable to another man. Please don’t get angry, just finish reading.

One day Jesus chose some weaklings, thieves, helpless, hopeless and fearful men and place a tag of apostleship on them, some few years later these young men that were going fishing transited to fishing for men, healing the sick, raising the dead and even commanding unclean spirits to flee. One faithful day one of these weaklings and fearful men looked at a young girl and told the girl “I have never met Jesus Christ before” just at the point when Jesus needed him most. As if that is not enough one of the thieves that Jesus considered and made apostle took 30 Shekels of Silver, denied Jesus with a kiss and sold him to the Roman soldiers. Hmmm Man!! David dedicated his gifts and talents to play songs for King Saul so that the king can be free from the demon possession, what was the outcome? Whiles the young guy was playing the harp the king had a javelin in his hands with the intention of piercing this talented boy to death. Can you imagine that?

Am I saying men don’t matter? Never. In this kingdom no man is permitted to rise without another man. I am only saying until heaven brings the man assigned for your lifting, relinquish dependency on anything flesh and blood. Many of our sisters have ended up in the psychiatric hospitals not because they were naturally bonkers but because they trusted a man for marriage who is also arranging another woman for the same marriage, that is man for you. Many are bitter, disappointed and hurting today because they place their lifetime in the hands of men who paid them back with ingratitude and unrepentant hurt. There is a young man seated at a drinking parlor right now, trying to drink his hurt away and by so doing the spirit of drunkenness took over him and his end may be catastrophic, why? The trust in man. There is a young lady who have purposed in her heart to lure a man, take his money and gladly leave him just when he seeks her hand in marriage, ask her why? She will tell you a man disappointed her and that is the only way she can pay other men back. Men by nature are wicked and very unrepentant. You catch your friend dating the man you are planning to settle down with and you asked her why did you do such a wicked thing? And she replies “so can’t we share your man?” That is man for you.

There is a curse attached to trusting men, it’s called the curse of life. The disappointment, heartbreak, delay in either job or marriage, bitterness and anger is traceable to one innocent man placing this commodity called TRUST in the hands of another ignorant man who doesn’t know that honor is reciprocal. The hurt of man is traceable to the trust in man. It is because of this Apostle Paul said " honor all men” but elevate God above men. Many people in our lives have replace the Messiah in our lives that is why the slightest hurt brings the irreparable damage both mentally and emotionally.

God uses men to bless men but Satan also uses men to plague men. This is what makes men unpredictable because man in his natural state won’t surrender to God.

The way to trust God solely is to repent and relinquish dependency on men and finally renewal of the mindset that “The help of man doesn’t come from men, it comes from above not even abroad”. When men disappoint you because they claim they have what you need, please recognize that “the gift of God comes through men but it doesn’t belong to men so men can choose to ignore you, however Heaven is still opened and Heaven can always find another man”. Get this revelation and rest out of unnecessary blood pressure.

God looked at the wickedness of men in Jeremiah 17:5 and 9, this is his verdict “CURSE BE THE MAN WHO PUT HIS TRUST IN ANOTHER MAN” and I asked myself why? Then it continues “THE HEART OF MAN IS DECEITFUL ABOVE ALL THINGS AND DESPERATELY WICKED: WHO CAN KNOW IT?”

May God keep our trust gage on Him alone and ensure our absolute deliverance from making men our hope of deliverance.

PRAYER: Lord Jesus! Takeover the battle of war surrounding my destiny and grant me the faith to hold onto your words alone despite the situation, LORD! Build my TRUST in you In Jesus’ name.

R. Duafah
( [email protected] )

Richmond Duafah
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