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07.07.2019 Feature Article

JymWrites: We All Need Some Power And Charm

JymWrites: We All Need Some Power And Charm
LISTEN JUL 7, 2019

Living in today’s world is exciting, we live in an era where you can do anything you want, become anyone you want while sitting in the comfort of your sofa. But then, the same indications that make living in today’s world crazily good are the same indications telling us to worry. Things are growing and changing so fast that it is hard to catch up. So the world we can say is exciting and scary at the same time and by now you may be wondering what you can do about it to stay ahead of an overwhelming world.

Simple, what we all need is some power and charm, to at least be comfortable.

Power simply means “to be able” to do. We know that the powerful people run the world; they carry the ability to influence the course of events without formally being in charge. And I want you to know that power in our world today is not about position or tittle, it is not granted by anyone and power is not the authority a government exerts when collecting taxes. Power in this present age is not given from the outside.

What then is power in today’s world?

Knowledge, knowledge is what we term as power today, first quoted by Sir Francis Bacon. If you were not aware of this change, well then, congratulations, for catching up. Knowledge is now the most powerful tool to achieve or do anything in today’s world, knowing more than someone gives you control over them, whether they want it or not. It helps you in making good decisions with understanding and fact.

Knowledge gives you the power you need to face challenges and bear with the realities of life with a calm mind. The main reason someone is committing suicide and you are not is an indication that you are more knowledgeable than them because you know that it is life’s realities that can turn you into the success you want. And your search for answers has added to your resolve and in the process builds the stronger version of you in the face of life’s reality. This in return makes you more successful than someone who is without this power.

Your knowledge in economics enables you to plan for your economic success. That power helps you make good decisions on investment and how you spend your income. This power is what makes you buy what you buy at the price you are buy them. Your knowledge about your rights determines which treatment you accept and which you scowl against and this goes a long way to determine how people treat you with respect to your rights.

In conclusion, the rich always want to know so they continue to be rich and power, the poor who does not know is busily working for the rich who knows everything so he can also make a living.

Why do you need some charm too?

Charm here is not what we may refer to in some parts of the world as ‘juju’; it has nothing to do with supernatural powers. Charm is the quality of attracting or fascinating others. The ability to win people over with your inner and outward appearance; inner has to do with your character and the outward your physical appearance or character.

Character is the evaluation of your virtues; whether you have them or you don’t. A person that is considered to have good character exhibits attributes such as integrity, honesty, courage, loyalty, fortitude, and other important virtues that promote good behavior and habits. Character influences who you are and also determines the choices you make, this also determines how people approach you, whether you have knowledge or not.

Your appearance or physical characteristics are the features of your body. What people see and may think about you when they first see you and this to me is very important. So take care of your looks

To be successful, power or knowledge is not enough, because you need people to work with, you need people to buy into your ideas and as bad as it may sound, you need people to be able to exert your power over.

So character or charm is something we need to add to knowledge. Let give ourselves the ultimate look by taking care of our appearance, paying maximum attention to what we eat, the cloths we wear and also exhibit good character wherever we find ourselves.

The world is moving fast and we need to take charge of it before it gets out of our control, let get some power and charm and live the life we desire. Don’t forget to share with a friend.

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