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20.06.2019 Feature Article

The Underground Man - Part 15

The Underground Man - Part 15
LISTEN JUN 20, 2019

Peter got up to face Joe eye to eye: “You seem to be out of your mind, Sir. Africa is the trouble maker number one in this world. Their leaders are not correct and as elected by their people this reflects these peoples` mind” Peter paused for a moment felling instinctively that Joe had grabbed his hands again not letting him go and continued with clear voice:” So, how on earth, Sir, can you jump to such a hilarious conclusion that you one day will be king over me?”

Joe looked him in the eyes with a calm heart and responded: „People are thinking to walk on the moon would be impossible. But with God nothing is impossible. History can be delayed, for sure, but never be stopped. Most people see…and assume…their visible reality is the truth of life as most of them fear the unknown and unseen. But let me advice you, life is not in our hands and history is shaped and shaken on a path long set before us unfolding to our very own eyes at times we walk on earth to play our role in our set and given time. We can only see what our eyes let us see which does not imply that beyond our eyes nothing more exists and waits for us to show itself at the right time set for it.”

Peter felt warmth in his hart and peace of mind; anger, confusion and rejection faded away.

“You should not mind your family at all”, proclaimed Tina, drank her hot chocolate and looked out into the night. Where it was busy during the day, only few people were left to go about their work:” You were born by a family, but you were not born for them. Your life is not to please anybody or to stand in solidarity with your own blood. No, never! Blood is only thicker than water in a physical way, never in a spiritual sense. All you were born for is your destiny. Some people find their family being part of a great journey in support. But for most of us, family causes us harm more than good. Most of us are better advice to separate themselves from early age from their blood family and look for people, for helpers from level to level only, outside their family bondage. Make yourself aware, do not wish friends for life as especially friends will limit you to progress higher and higher. On each level old friends want you to comfort them, while you yourself have to associate yourself with people before you that can lift you up to the next level”, lectured Tina while enjoying a filter free cigarette.

Anna looked at her, a woman shaped by life from head to toe, from inside out formed by tears and laughter. It was showing in her face, she was only few years older than herself with two small boys that her husband took care off for her to attend to her cleaning job at Shell Oil Company Germany Headquarters. Both were on fifteen minutes break, sitting in the small room next to the lifts, provided for the workers. A machine for free drinks was the enjoyment for the cleaners at nights.

“A relative of mine once wrote to me he feels ashamed of me that I am his auntie. When I read this message, I was laughing my head off. That boy took Cannabis once in my present at my mothers´ apartment in Mümmelmannsberg. It seems the drug had somehow damaged his senses for clear thinking. Do I care about my stupid family, all losers? Of course not, what for? I have separated myself years back from them all and follow my own instincts not allowing any evil mind of them to bring me down ever.”

Anna took another second plastic cup of hot chocolate, promising herself she would take tea with lemon the following night and said: “ I have noticed someone`s enemies constantly watch over us and follow our activities very closely. I for myself have to say, I never do that as I have no interest to follow any evil person. Why should I as long as my conscious and heart are clear and at peace. I have no reason to do so. But for such enemies it exposes their wickedness, their evil mind. Only when people tell me lies of a certain person has been put out in public, I would step in and stop that evil person as what the person is, simply evil…and tell the truth.”

“That is how I always want to see you, Anna. I am very proud of you”, smiled Tina and took Anna into her arms. “Never allow the evil once to be victorious. Even if it should take years that you have to live in shame and disgrace, remember always, in the end the truth will always come out and your victory will be sweet lasting beyond your enemies death and their generations to come.”

“Only a matured person can live such a life”, commented Anna laughing. “Life is not for babies scared of others to take love away from them and stop feeding the hungry once.”

“Well spoken, Anna! You learn fast at your young age”, threw Tina the plastic cup into the waste bin while still sitting on the comfortable couch provided. She looked onto her watch, five minutes more before her Hoover would fly again from office to office before she could be back home to see her kids sleeping peacefully.

Anna shared with Tina: “My sister Irena moved yesterday on her eighteenth birthday into an apartment near Hellbrockstraße together with a friend. She couldn`t get along with our mother well. Always fights between them. Irena has a behavior that is not matching with mine also. I do not hate her, I never did, and I simply have no interest in her to be effected and getting my mind poisoned…no way. She should do whatever she thinks is best for her…and I go my own way. What she did is to shorten her training by one year to start as a worker so she can pay for her new apartment instead of accepting that at home things are difficult for her but have patience and endure for better days to come. My mother will bring her food always that is what she said.”

Tina got up as it was time to end the break and get back to work: “Such characters that need to see the results of their labour today and not in far distance time can never think far. Big jobs and great success in life needs a marathon breath and mind, the willingness to educate oneself in the shadow, to accept shame and disgrace, to believe of what cannot be seen now in the real world…one day, one day surely will come to pass and will be forever…even for the children and their children.”

“Amen”, responded Anna to direct her way to the West Wing.

It was a quiet Sunday morning, public holiday. Anna had just come out of a confusing dream. Her heart had beaten not always normal for the past few days. Peace and emptiness filled her while her steps were taking her to open the curtains. Then lay down on her chest facing the grey carpet. She hold her thoughts that wanted to push their way up to the thinking area of her mind. She was not aware of what she was doing, did what she felt she had to do. Eyes closed was she waiting for whatever was supposed to happen.

Monika Willers and Alexa were sleeping peacefully in their own beds. A warm voice spoke to her while she kept away any upcoming pictures and inner voices.

A white hand was stretched out to her and put on her head while she was hearing a voice telling her: „You are blessed!”

It lasted only for a few seconds that she was feeling the mighty hand on her, powerful yet light; not in any way a burden, but a lifting up. In the night before she had strange dreams. One dream had been about a man telling her that true greatness in life is only in loneliness, in separation among others. While most people run to meet many and enjoy a big crowd around them, getting compliments and rewards endlessly, yet true greatness needs sacrifices and loneliness, is never in any way glamourous. Jesus Christ himself was a man all alone among many. Leaders of true greatness only are great when they isolate themselves from the many being among them to lead the crowd. Independence of mind is always corrupted by loud voices, bad and friendly once, bringing greatness down to its knees. That is the main reason so many potentials are lost, so many people will not make it to greatness as they find it hard to stand alone; to be associated honestly today with others while tomorrow have to move on and leave old friends behind. Emotional and spiritual attachment to people comfort any human but blocks greatness and fulfillment of someone`s destiny; when it becomes human love affair instead of service to time on earth, life is small.

…to be continued

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