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17.06.2019 General News

Amenfi Central Ultra-Modern Poly Clinic Nears Completion At Bonuama

Amenfi Central Ultra-Modern Poly Clinic Nears Completion At Bonuama
LISTEN JUN 17, 2019

His enormous achievements within two years in Office as the District Chief Executive for Amenfi Central has really brought smiles as a result of numerous developmental projects/social amenities provided across the District.

Hon.Patrick Hockson Amponten visited Bonuama community to inspect an ongoing ultra-modern polyclinic which is a joint project(Self help) and hugely financed by Hon.Patrick Hockson Amponteng the District Chief Executive for Amenfi Central.

He on his visit,donated packets of roofing sheets for the completion of the project.

The project has in it Nurses apartment to help solve the accommodation challenges when the facility becomes ready for use.

The community(Bonuama)will also benefit from a telecommunication network within the shortest possible time as the people have over the years been craving for a telco network.

Communities such as Bonuamah, Kwaamang, Heaven,Bantama and the likes are all without a telecommunication network making it very difficult for the people to make calls, it is therefore commendable that the DCE has given the assurance.

Hon.Patrick Hockson Amponteng, however inspected the site for the erection of telecommunication network mast and met the contractor for discussions.

All equipments and materials needed to be used were available on the site whiles the workers were busily working.

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