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06.06.2019 Feature Article

The Church doesn't teach you to save, Beware - Part I

The Church doesn't teach you to save, Beware - Part I
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Human beings and human organizations are often driven by selfishness. Inasmuch as selfish might not be a good word in the human language, it is necessary at times. In following our goals and pursuits in life, we all give up on certain people by betraying them or ignoring the time, help and attention we could have given them just to make time for our own goals and pursuits. That's selfishness also, yet a worthy one. Never any achievement or success in life that didn't pay the price of sacrifice.

Our churches are no different from this. They also ought to be selfish at times by ignoring the individual needs of the people and convincing them all that matters is investing in the kingdom. Churches like all other organizations always have a dearth to carter for and a target to attain. As such, the normal church offerings and tithes from members are never enough to carter and fund for the needs. This calls for extra collections including seeds for projects, missions and others. You're expected to buy your Pastor's books and messages at all times also.

Various groups in the churches which we often join to render our services to God have their own needs which requires the collection of seeds also. It's very difficult to be a member who will fulfill all these obligations and demands and still be left with something to save for self. As such, many are broke very often with nothing to save for themselves. No emergency funds, chances and opportunities bypass them just because there's no savings anywhere.

This I believe is an error. The church must be taught balance! God does not approve giving to Him without giving to yourself. In Proverbs 6:6-8, the Bible admonished us to learn the ways of the ants, who saves ahead of the rainy days. Joseph admonished Pharaoh to save ahead of the bad seven years.

Why are our Pastors not teaching us this? Why are they not teaching us to balance? This is sad and it breaks my heart when I imagine the number of people who are going to doubt the faithfulness of God in the future after realizing they never experienced the abundance they were preached if they'll give all their income towards the course of the kingdom. God can't make your life abound when there's nothing in your hands.

God can organize all the good and enviable opportunities in life for you yet if you have no savings to help pursue and fund for them, they will all bypass you. In life, everybody will eventually seek to make money at a certain point. It'd be better you start saving when you have the energy and ability to rather than later when you might be weak and vulnerable. How do we balance giving in our churches and saving towards our own future and life? Watch out for the second edition of this post.

By Isaac Eli Asamoah

Isaac Eli Asamoah
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