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01.06.2019 Opinion

William And Harry Draw A Line: Is This The Final Break?

	William And Harry William And Harry

Since the wedding with his Meghan, Prince Harry has moved further and further away from his brother William. Now the two are finally separated.

Ever since Meghan Markle came across Prince Harry's life, the English royal family has been on the move. It's supposed to be a bossy monster that scares all employees. Anyway, she had the prince wisely and out of greed and the relationship with sister Kate was also under-cooled. This has driven a wedge between the brothers William and Harry in the past.

Excerpt from Kensington Palace
The first break between the brothers came when Harry and Meghan announced in March 2019 to move from Kensington Palace to Frogmore Cottage. Earlier, the couple had shared living quarters and an office in the same with William and Kate. Meghan and Harry got their own office at Buckingham Palace.

Public events saw the "Fab Four", as British media call it, but more often together. Above all, the Royal Foundation was the common baby of the two brothers. But this is also the end.

The final break between the brothers
The brothers founded the Foundation in 2009. After William had married Kate, she also joined them, in May 2018 Meghan also joined. The Foundation was originally intended to pool couples' charitable work and be used as the main tool for their charitable activities. Now, according to "The Sun", Harry is planning to leave the Royal Foundation.

Only a joint appearance
In fact, in the course of the Royal Foundation, there was only a joint performance of the brothers and their wives - and that was in February 2018, even before Meghan officially joined the Foundation. As a result, the hopes that the charity work could at least weld the brothers together, have dissolved in the air.

The backgrounds
An insider wants to know the background behind Harry's exit from the Royal Foundation. Once again his wife, Duchess Meghan, is said to be the cause of the feud. "Things were going very badly between the brothers, and they did not see each other privately a few months after the wedding of Meghan and Harry," claims the source opposite the Sun.

Furthermore, there was "an animosity over status, money and Meghan", which would have advanced the splitting of the joint households much faster than expected. That they now also go their separate ways in the area of ​​their charity projects, according to insiders.

No official confirmation yet
However, palace insiders claim that Meghan and Harry will continue to come across William and Kate for individual projects. The "Fab Four" are not completely written off yet.

So far, the palace has officially not confirmed its exit from the Royal Foundation, so it remains to be seen whether the two brothers have finally broken up.

Francis Tawiah (Duisburg - Germany)

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