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28.05.2019 Feature Article

The Underground Man - Part 4

The Underground Man - Part 4

„If you want to try,“ passed Paul Moorege a joint over to her, „ you can take one!“

„What is it…Cannabis? “ did Irena ask starring at the cigarette like joint. „I never had one. Looks interesting. “

Marlene, her best friend, few years older than her, was raising her voice against the hammering loud beats of DJ Fred at Big Apple, a disco located at the feet of the underground U3 train line near Dehnhaide station, pushing their guest to greater and greater emotional heights, and said: „ You do not need to take it, if you do not want. Nobody ever can force you onto this path. “

Irena laughed out loud hysterically: „ What nonsense are you saying? When I do not like it….so what? I can always stop it! “

Marlene took her friend into her arms to whisper into her ears: „ When you want something better for your life and really move to greater heights….than this is not the way to do it. There are other things in life to give you happiness…true and honest happiness. “

Irena pushed Marlene away from her shouting into the concerned face of the teenage girl she had been playing with in the sandbox of their kindergarten corner Alte Wöhr and Rübenkamp: „ If you are my truly best friend, you do not talk to me like that., but support me in all the fun in life I want.“ Irena put her hands around the joint that was lit for her, inhaled and confessed: „ All want in life is having fun. What else is life worth living for if not for fun? My poor mother, if she would know what I really do, she would beat me up very well. She is a stupid woman that does not understand how to use men and a good joint to get someone´s climax. Working hard only makes sense to pay for fun. After all, life is too short to take it heavy and serious too much. I never want to die without party, party, party to see the good sides of life. “

Marlene saw her finishing the joint asking for more. Beer and Whiskey glasses filled up stood on the couch table before them…in their numbers. The boys around her felt their balls getting swollen, was Irena an attractive young girl, green-blue eyes, straight blond long hair, tender lips, make-up well painted, looking like a model t be in future, nice tempting smile, easy going person. They had their condoms in their jeans ready to be used at any time.

„Life is not all about that“, enjoyed Marlene a cold Lager. „It is about….giving life a meaning. “

„A meaning? …Do not be silly, Marlene…please spear me from this nonsense“, emptied Irena her glass of Whiskey in one go. „If life has a meaning than it is fun, fun, fun…and nothing but fun. So please, Marlene, leave me alone with your deep thoughts that I do not understand anyway…and let me go. “Irena allowed Paul Moorege to give her a tongue kiss touching her between her legs and walked off with him hiding in the dark smoke cloud of Big Apply.

Greta, leading a gang of three girls sticking together always to cause trouble forcing their will on others, sat down next to Anna. It was the mean break at Fraenkelstraße School they all had attended since Primary Classes. Anna felt uneasy besides Greta, an overweight girl, dark brown hair, small forehead, pressed lips, short neck making her look like a flat football played with in endless matches. Her fingers were short, her clothes over the fashion top compensating her weakness in appearance. As usual, Greta was chewing a punk gum, blew it up to provoke Anna that sat quietly on a wooden bench facing the door to the School`s Gym before which a young teacher kept watch over the students' activities.

“What is wrong with you?” questioned Greta starring endlessly at Anna.

Anna did not move waiting for the next move of her opponent.

“So, are you so stupid, you fool…not to answer me? I have asked you a question and I deserve an answer!” got Greta angry putting herself in a fighting position; her hands into her hips ready for a good pansh.

Anna kept quiet. She did not move an inch.

Barbara, tall, skinny, metal bracelet around her teeth, silver ear rings with black pearls, the last in class on the best achievers list, stepped forward: “When someone is asking you a question…answer! Do you hear me well?”

Anna did not move.

In the secret corner hidden from the eyes of the teachers close to Rübenkamp, four boys were smoking their cigarettes watching out not to be caught. Primary school pupils were jumping over elastic ribbons or kicked the ball from corner to corner. The sun was shining bright after days of rain. This year certainly hot temperatures would drag people in their numbers to the public swimming pool in Stadtpark.

“So, are you mad…stupid girl?” Can´t you hear what people are telling you?” moved Rita closer to Anna ready to slap her into her face. “You know, you are a pretender always ready to please any teacher by doing your homework always. Do you think we do not know what you are up to when you want to answer all the questions of any teacher, raising your hands all the time? Do you not know you are want to be seen by them as the good and clever girl to make it in life? Do not think,” was she warning Anna pinching her right ear, “we have no eye on you and check you out very well.”

…to be continued

Karl-Heinz Heerde
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