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24.05.2019 General News

Single Parent Gets $1.2 million Reward For Her Honesty

By Clement Akoloh
Single Parent Gets $1.2 million Reward For Her Honesty

A 24 year old mother of two, Miss. Ackasiha Green has been rewarded handsomely for her honesty for returning millions of dollars she found at an ATM booth.

She now has enough money to cater for her education and that of her children, her up-keep and a year’s supply of milk products for her children.

The Jamaican lady who is reported to have handed over a bag full of undisclosed amount of dollars to the Police shortly after she had found it, is reported to have received a lot of insults from her own family members and especially from her mother for her decision not to keep the money.

Her mother called her the most stupid of all her children for returning the money especially when she had borrowed $200 from her on the day she found the cash.

Information gathered by ModernGhana, indicates that Miss. Ackasiha Green was facing financial challenges and was planning to attend school to study housekeeping course. She told the media that she returned the money she found at the ATM at Central Police Station on East Queen Street in downtown Kingston because it wasn’t for her to keep.

The missing bag was later picked up by an armored truck bearer who had apparently forgotten the bag of money at the ATM.

According to information sourced from the Jamaican Observer, that singular act by the mother of two has won her a lot of admirations both home and abroad especially in this hard times where such voluntary acts of honesty are very rare.

An aspiring student, Ackaisha Green was rewarded $1.2 million by Jamaican company, J Wray & Nephew (JWN) Limited which will go into her education and that of her two sons, eight-year-old Jevanie and two-year-old Joshua, reports the Jamaican Observer.

JWN’s Managing Director Jean-Philippe Beyer and Director of Public Affairs and Sustainability, Tanikie McClarthy Allen made the presentation last week stating that $100,000 from the reward will be provided in vouchers to purchase food and an additional $100,000 has been set aside for an entrepreneurial venture and a fridge she requested.

The company also secured a partnership with Nestle to provide Green with one year’s supply of milk products to her two sons.

By her act of honesty, Miss Ackasiha Green has become popular and now enjoys the admiration, praise and sympathy of benevolent organizations who are thrilled by the rare attitude she exhibited towards the money she found unattached and in spite of her difficult conditions, decided to give it up without any pressure from anyone.

She has received several gifts from Jamaicans after her kind gesture and has also been presented with a gift certificate from the HEART Trust/NTA entrepreneurial agency that will cover the cost of completing levels I and II at its Learning For Earning Activity Programme (LEAP) Centre.

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