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17.05.2019 Education

NGO Holds Inaugural Observance Of World Day Of The Boy Child

By Helena Adutwumwaa Bonto
NGO Holds Inaugural Observance Of World Day Of The Boy Child

A non-governmental organization called Concern for the Boy-child Initiative Ghana held Ghana's inaugural observance of WORLD DAY OF THE BOY CHILD at Rising Soul School at Golf City- Tema.

In attendance were 200 pupils and students of the school who are between the ages of 10 and 19.

A representative from the Office of the President of the Republic of Ghana graced the occasion.

Dr. Isaac Owusu and his team from Imprexions Eye Care did eye screening for the boys and male teachers of the school.

A seminar was held for the boys under the topics; The Total Development of the Boy Child, and A letter to the Boy Child by Mr. Bernard Bonto (An Educationist / Public Speaker) and Helena Adutwumwaa Bonto (Founder of Concern for the Boy-child Initiative Ghana / Ghana Coordinator for WORLD DAY OF THE BOY CHILD) respectively.

WORLD DAY OF THE BOY CHILD celebrates all the positive elements that boys bring to their families and communities. It also highlights the issues and challenges that boys face as they develop.

Too many of our boys are invisible and forgotten. Each child whether boy or girl is important and in this race of life, nobody should be left behind.

It is within this context that the first observance of the “WORLD DAY OF THE BOY-CHILD” was observed on 16 May 2018, foundered by Dr. Jerome Teelucksingh of Trinidad and Tobago.

Since 2012, the United Nations marks 11 October as the “International Day of the Girl Child“. The obvious question is – why have we not dedicated a day that focuses on the Boy-Child? We must not allow the continued imbalance of the gender scale. We cannot ignore that without a focus on the girl-child as well as the boy-child, gender equality is not a reality.

There are many young boys who are marginalized, neglected, alienated and left behind. That is why we have to do something for our boys before it is too late.

Boys enrolment in primary and Secondary schools are on the decline. Boy school dropout is skyrocketing.

In the media today, there are regular incidents in which misguided young boys are involved in fraud, scam, alcoholism, drug addictions, robbery, and violence.

These can be attributed to lack of attention, care, guidance and support for the boy-child and his development and general well-being.

From today and in the cause of one week, find time and have a talk with your Sons, Nephews, pupils/students, neighbourhood boys, or at least one boy on the street. Ask them about their concerns, hurts, fears, worries. Give them attention and show them affection, they will open up, and you can help, advise, guide, and counsel them. In so doing, bits by bits, they will grow in the responsible HUSBANDS, MALE COLLEAGUES, BROTHERS, UNCLES, NEIGHBOURS, POLITICAL LEADERS, BOSSES, etcetera that we all so desire.

#Nurtureboysintoresponsiblemen #boystoomatter #boystooneedattention #boystooneedcareandguidance

Author, Helena Adutwumwaa Bonto
Founder/ Executive Director, Concern for the Boy-child Initiative Ghana.

Ghana Coordinator for WORLD DAY OF THE BOY-CHILD
Email: [email protected]

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