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08.05.2019 Petitions

A Petition to the President and the Vice

By Emmanuel Kwabena Wucharey
A Petition to the President and the Vice

I implore your esteem and high offices to come to my aid to resolving an issue that happened some two and a half years ago. This issue happened at KNUST in late 2016. In late 2016, prior to the general elections of the state, I was a topic for discussion as a result of my purported dark character. In our class, I was the bad guy and in the eyes of many people I was and still is an outcast of society as a result of a problem associated with my life. The problem is this; that I was diagnosed of cancer of the prostrate. Later others said it was prostatitis. I wrote my memoir which narrated the struggles in my life and people had it as well as read it. I was told a philanthropist or charity came to my aid with financial gifts. I was going to be cheated by the one who kept the gifts on the campus of KNUST. I yelled for help, for someone to come to my rescue. Someone did come but the person did not tell me anything or pick my number for discussion later.

Around July or August 2017, I was informed by my headmistress that someone needed me in Accra. And that the fellow had informed her to relay such information to me to come to see him in Accra. I never went because the person did not give me a contact to reach him when I get there. I always went to Kumasi in search for my gifts after school. I went to the wrong place rather. I got to know Mr. Kwame Sefa Kayi of PeaceFm called for me. I did not go to meet him because he did not give me a number to reach him. He only sat on radio and told someone to inform me to come to see him. Later, the same year, I heard he questioned why I did not come to see him in Accra and wondered whether my inability to meet him was occasioned by I not getting fare to come to Accra. And that he called me to come to Accra and any time I got to Kumasi I went back home without seeing him in Accra. For some time now this year, I have been sending him messages to meet him for the same reason he called for me in 2017. He does not respond to my messages and the only one he responded to, he said he knew nothing about this problem. Last year, in 2018 around the same time when this issue came up, he (Mr. Kwame Sefa Kayi) said he called for me and I never came. That cannot be true. I believe that in a modern world such as ours, the best thing to do was to call my personal number or text me. I did not base on any principle to not respond to his call. The fact is, the person he gave the original piece of information to did not inform me then. Again, the person did not tell me Mr. Sefa Kayi called for me then. I was recently informed about his call. I think it is not belated for such an issue to be resolved.

Due to the cancer I was told I had contracted, a football team I support outside of Ghana gave me a gift of money to deal with that health challenge. The money is huge and the holders, as I think, are doing their very best to divert it as it is taking a very long time to call me for it. I know the person who helped transferred it to this country and so retrieving it will be very easy unless they plot to cheat me. It is very clear that the silence of those keeping the money to call me informs me of their intentions to divert it. The gift was given to me because of the health condition they had diagnosed and nothing else. The same Mr. Sefa Kayi of Peacefm sat on radio and questioned why they gave such a huge sums of money to a young guy like me. I am not narrating a fairytale nor a myth. This is a real story which needs attention. I heard a conversation in which they plan to divert the money based on the fact that I was rather diagnosed of prostate enlargement and not cancer.

I need a state investigation into this issue as it has become a norm for vulnerable people to be often cheated in Ghana. They have noticed my vulnerability as they went to Kamampa, our village for information about me. I sincerely need state intervention in this issue. While I was a student at KNUST for my MBA, I was informed someone dashed me a car or rather someone bought a car for me which many people are aware of and had information about. After my program, I could not find the car. A support that would have been given me in education to further my studies was equally given to a different person with the flimsy excuse that I did not write my thesis well as well as defended it properly. These were all lies crafted to achieve their goals.

I cannot afford to lose all the fortunes I made while a student at KNUST. There should be a thorough search for this estate of mine with the help of state agencies. I will be available to help in the process. I will be very disappointed the more if a failure occurs in getting the needed solution to this problem with the help from state agencies. There is a plan already schemed to divert my fortunes. I am using this platform because that is the only one available and also because I am now helpless in solving this issue alone. I am counting on the support of Your Excellencies to resolving this problem. Thanks

Emmanuel Kwabena Wucharey
(A Citizen of Kamampa)