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01.05.2019 Headlines

Nigerian Community Urge Angry Residents To Allow Police Probe Death Of 2year-Old Boy

Staff Writer
Nigerian Community Urge Angry Residents To Allow Police Probe Death Of 2year-Old Boy

The Nigerian Community in the Central Region has appealed to local residents in Kasoa to allow the Police to investigate the circumstances that led to the disappearance and death of a two-year-old boy at Chinese, a suburb of Kasoa.

Nathaniel Owusu was found dead with his body hidden under some rubble in April 2019.

This was after an eyewitness disclosed that he saw the deceased in a speeding black saloon car with a Nigerian registration number.

Family and some residents in the area have blamed the incident on some Nigerians and have vowed to chase them out of the area.

But, chairman of the Nigerian Community, Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Azebuike wants the residents to be patient for the security agencies to get the needed space to carry out their investigations.

“I believe there is a stipulated government authority which is responsible to find the root cause of it [kidnapping]. We have so much believe and trust in Ghana's systems of governance–the police and immigration and all the security apparatus in Ghana. I believe the issue should be dealt with according to the rules that govern the country. I cannot diffuse that fact that [the perpetrators are Nigerians or not]. Until the investigations come to a concrete proof that they’re Nigerians, what we are still hearing is still an allegation until it is proven beyond reasonable doubt by the Ghanaian security authorities.”

The mother of a two-year-old boy was left in shock upon hearing the news of her son's death.

According to Kwame Owusu, father of the two-year-old boy, his wife was recuperating after the shocking news.

“My wife collapsed upon hearing the news of our son's death,” Kwame Owusu lamented.

He narrated that his son went missing on Wednesday, April 24, 2019.

Anti-Nigerian sentiment

Some angry residents of the area told Citi News that the presence of some Nigerian nationals in the area is the reason for the high number of criminal activities.

“Their activities here are putting the lives of women and children in danger,” an angry resident lamented.

Some of the residents also pointed accusing fingers at some Ghanaian landlords who give their rooms to Nigerian nationals for rentals adding that when they commit any criminal offence they quickly move from the house because the landlords don't make any good background checks before giving their rooms out to them.

The residents have threatened to sack all Nigerians from the area if the government doesn't take a step to move them out.

“We will take the laws into our own hands if the government does not act fast,” a resident told citi news.