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26.04.2019 Editorial

At Last The Drones Are Airborne

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Opinion At Last The Drones Are Airborne

After all the intrigues – covert and overt – to deny the medical drones a takeoff, the gadgets are finally airborne commencing a novelty – a game changer by all standards.

It continues to defy imagination why some persons would stand in the way of such a project simply because the initiative is not originating from their end. For some mischievous elements anything not emanating from their end must be shot down with acerbic tongues and mendacious compositions. That is how partisan politics has degenerated to worrying lows in the country.

It was with grief and a sense of regret that a traditional ruler of the highest order described such killjoys as witches and wizards. Those who seek to destroy otherwise good initiatives, of course, should not attract plaudits but curses. Although they do not bear arms in their dirty enterprises, the lies they spew threaten the success of such novelties. Anyway, they have consistently failed in their bids because the good intentions behind the projects overwhelm their ruses and wicked ploys.

Any group of persons who would throw spanners into the works of life-enhancing projects such as the one under review must suffer all available pestilence. Imagine a snake-bite victim or even an anemic kid dying for want of an emergency intervention such as a drone delivered anti-snake serum injection or blood supply because someone worked against the execution of a medical drone service.

Perhaps we should not be surprised about the conduct of the opposition NDC in the light of a successful takeoff of the project as much as we are doing. They will be persistent in their resolve to scuttle all developmental projects and if we come to terms with this nature of theirs, we would not be too bothered when they are at their usual mischief.

One of them unable to come up with a convincing attack on the drone project dropped a story that the gadgets will expose naked women in bathrooms when they take to the skies. It's unimaginable when a veterinary doctor starts talking like this. Perhaps as some are conjecturing, in the NDC, logic holds no place because there is an overwhelming dosage of evil in the minds of those driving the party.

If they can condemn the free SHS all other projects are potential targets provided these are development-oriented and geared towards changing the lives of Ghanaians. The free SHS has continued to suffer from the machinations of former President John Mahama and his people.

The drones have taken off; what next for the NDC?

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