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15.04.2019 Feature Article

Corruption, Electricity, Pricing And Jobs

Corruption, Electricity, Pricing And Jobs
LISTEN APR 15, 2019

It is the make and break formula for being in or out of power to govern the motherland. Each has a make and break role. A government is made or broken by how effectively it positively combines corruption checking, stable electricity, tolerable fuel pricing and job openings at election time. I have pondered and figured it out that any government that wants easy election wins (not the stealing type) must measure its performance based on the CEPJ (corruption, electricity, pricing & jobs). It is the formula for winning or losing freely and fairly contested election that is genuine.

Pricing includes school fees but schooled population is benefit to all; fee-free is felt directly by some and not all. If you want what will directly benefit all, it is reduced fuel prices. Meanwhile, fee-free is possible with revenue from fuel pricing. It, therefore, requires ingenuity to balance low fuel price and fee-free schooling.

Corruption is double-headed. One head is prevention, the zero tolerance stage. The other is punishing to cure. That is post 'chop chop'. Kenkey partying cannot be hidden; either lavish wedding or whatever social event. Attendees, like the germinating oath sworn into a pit, will always spill the display of profligacy.

My compatriots gain satisfaction when they see choppers made to suffer for their chopping. Compatriots are whispering that the minority boss went 'genuflecting' a mea culpa to free double salary choppers. That too seems to be in the public domain. Public doubts on being soft on corruption can, however, be neutralized if they know about refunds or when choppers are prosecuted and jailed. Otherwise, they are the kind of not so big things that cause voters to 'to aba bɔne,' or commit voting 'hara-kiri'.

Fuel price affects the rich and the poor, the old and the young, the healthy and the sick – everyone. Anytime it's high, it affects vote favourability. It has been with us in the motherland anytime and whenever my compatriots have to vote for people or groups to lead it. Just imagine, in 2007 government had to stop all development and channel resources into mitigating fuel cost then at USD147 a barrel. Congress people's demonstrations over high cost of fuel in 2008 (of course along with stealing) defeated ɔsonomma. For that, we lost our 15- kilometre tarred road.

Similarly, availability of electric power is a universal concern. When there is dumsɔ, it affects everyone. As much as one may want to explain, people feel the direct effect from ironing their clothes to disruption in their business – small, medium or large. 'Dum' leads to sleeplessness no one wants. Internet addicts worry they cannot access it because machines cannot be powered and telcos may not be able to power their services. Water cannot be pumped and that creates water shortage. People may not shout no electricity no vote, but they can easily in disaffection thumb a government's exit from office.

Election 2008 was clearly stolen partly for 'wo amma wo ani ansɔ' mediocrity nudging. There was another stealing in 2012 because congress hadn't performed.

Free SHS, roads, 1D1F, 1V1D and all easily get underplayed by fuel price and petty perception of chopping, especially if onaapo and his choppers are allowed to have chopped freely. It is the impression people are getting and if nothing happens shortly from the Special Prosecutor, the perception could stick. One year to October from the next, by which time compatriots could have made up their minds for 2020, is just around the corner.

In 2008 was the lesson of 'ɔkwan yɛn nwe' contempt for an obviously problem solving road. Some compatriots voted against the builder of the road. It is a lesson too fresh to forget in 2020. Hwɛ wo astena mu na to aba is going to be as much 2020 cry as it was in 2000. Congress has successfully stolen elections into legitimacy. People think it wins elections. It battered the economy through thievery and personal wealth forgetting common welfare. Still, it would exploit any perceived or actual ɔsonomma corruption blips.

That is why ɔsonomma have four things to do to continue in power. They cannot afford NOT to expose and punish the congress people's corruption. Glaring corrupt acts of double salary and bus branding must be tackled immediately.

Think and act NEVER AGAIN dumsɔ. Ensure stability in fuel pricing and the cedi. Provide evidence of job creation. Any crave for V8 or mansion must be seen as endangering the entire ɔsonomma family. The congress group could not have built a USD20 million office when my community is still without a CHPS compound building. Verbum sapienti sat (a word to the wise is enough). It boils down to government being mindful that the vote decider is in people's heads.

By Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh

Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh
Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh, © 2019

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