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22.12.2005 NDC News

NDC Executive Member Spits Fire

By theServant
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A cadre, and an executive member of the Obuasi constituency branch of the National Democratic Congress (N. D. C) Clement Sangaparee has spit fire on a group of party members and former constituency executives who accused him of open bias during the conduct of the recently held constituency delegates congress.

The municipal organizer of the ACDR's in Obuasi was particularly critical of the party's former constituency organizer Alhaji Mohammed Sanni accusing him of self styling himself as a mediator in the recent rumpus that engulfed the constituency.

Clement Sangaparee poured his venom on the former organizer who was sent to Mecca by the N.D.C, and challenged him to produce two brand new motor bikes of the party which has been in his possession since 2000.

He issued the challenge in a five page rejoinder to a recent publication in the “The Servant” in the WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 30TH-DECEMBER 6TH edition in which a group of party supporters allegedly protested against him as the elections committee chairman for exhibiting open bias.

He accused the former organizer of also abandoning the party and not attending meeting for almost 4 years.

“I did not even see him during the 2004 election campaign either, yet this man claimed in the protest letter that he was the mediator.

On whose behalf was he mediating since all the meetings were held in his room?” he asked.

In the protest letter published in our November 30th edition of the paper, the name and cell phone number of Alhaji Saani was written beneath and described as the mediator.

Sangaparee said if Alhaji Saani was lucky to have been sent to Mecca by the N.D.C, to gain an Alhaji status, then it's ridiculous that he is now trying to stab the party in the back.