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24.03.2019 Regional News

John Mahama Projects Left To Rot In Bole - Awudu Rafiu

By Zion Abdul Rauf Nkilgi - 103.7 FM
Awudu RafiuAwudu Rafiu

A member of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Bole-Bamboi constituency, Mr Awudu Rafiu has bemoaned the state at which his party that he speaks for and advocated to rule Ghana has left major projects started by the erstwhile John Mahama administration to better the lives of the people of Bole, has been left to rot under the ruling NPP government.

Mr Awudu Rafiu in a lengthy write-up sited by Bole based Nkilgi Fm and tilted, "We are our own Enemies in Bole- Bamboi" named several examples of projects of former President John Dramani Mahama left to rot. He said he is a strong supporter of the NPP and will always stand with the NPP but will not for the sake of politics sacrifice his tomorrow for today.

He spoke about a Rural Technological Facility Center project at Bole which the NDC under John Mahama had started and which could have trained the youth in Bole in programs such as welding and electricals that in the future could have propelled them gained admission into the Technical Universities in Ghana. Mr Rafiu said the project that is located along the Bole cemetery road is left to rot.

On Education, Mr Rafiu said the Bole-Bamboi constituency has no educational fund that supports the children financially. He touched on how former President Mahama's led NDC government had started putting up a College of Education for the people of Bole District only for his party the NPP to abandoned it after winning election 2016.

The Bole District Assembly according Rafiu generates much revenue in waste generation yet the sanitation situation in Bole the District capital is nothing to write home about.

He went to accuse the DCE for Bole Madam Veronica Alele Heming for ignoring his suggestion to add a solar power system to add power to the water pumping machine to continuously supply water to the people of Bole since inadequate power supply to the machines was the main problem leading to the water problems in the Bole township.

A worried and lamenting Mr Rafiu stated that he was among those who criticized former President Mahama when he was the member of Parliament for Bole-Bamboi constituency and communication Minister then when Bole was not receiving Television and Radio signals from Accra and will not keep quite because his government is in power. He said he will not be mute of things are not going on right. Awudu Rafiu has therefore vowed not to support any person appointed by his party who is under performing since the bullet let out of a gun will never ask of ones gender, tribe or political affiliation before it hits you.

Mr Awudu Rafiu whose write up is already ruffling a lot of feathers in Bole was emphatic that; "When it comes to development of Bole-Bamboi we the people living in the area are retiring the development of the area, and if we don't wake up to the reality prosterity will judge us soo hashly!".

The NPP Commuincation Team member concluded by saying that development has no political colouration and that the people must therefore always look at individuals leading them for development, objectively than to politically colour what he or she does since posterity will judge the leaders of today.

Zion Abdul Rauf
Nkilgi 103.7 FM
Bole (Savanna Region)