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Opinion | Mar 11, 2019

The Return Of John Mahama; The Confidence In The Decision

...Perspective of the Ghanaian youth 
By Amoakohene Frank
Former President Mahama
Former President Mahama

Our politics has certainly evolved with new happenings at every step of the way. In fact, it was thought to be impossible for an incumbent President and Candidate, who exerts the greatest of control and influence in the state to lose an election, only to come to a different realization for the first time in Ghana. President John Mahama lost his reelection bid in 2016 as incumbent President and yet atypical in our part of the world, smoothly and peacefully handed over power to the then opposition.

Many reasons were ascribed for the loss and many thoughts were shared on whether or not the former president should stage a comeback.

Amidst numerous criticisms, insults, doubts, and frowns against his second coming, the former President made that bold decision on a comeback and won massively and convincingly at primaries with a percentage of 95.24% to be the Presidential Candidate for the biggest opposition Party, NDC, for the 2020 elections.

Beyond the political divide, the turnout of events adds up to enrich our democracy and also present many lessons for future governments and the generations to come.

More interestingly, it has been strongly opined by many, that our politics has moved away swiftly from the politics of "anything goes" to a state where the electorates look out for substance and superior policy alternatives in deciding how to cast their vote. This accession, however, is under review with the sudden wailing of the populace in response to the performance of the current Government.

1. What has changed for a government that was massively voted for to suddenly fall out with the people just within this space of time?

2. How did the NPP succeed in making everyone think they had all the solution when they actually had none? And would the NPP succeed again with politics of deception come 2020?

3. Was John Mahama and the NDC wrongfully and deliberately accused just for political gains by the then opposition NPP?

4. And importantly, what does the return of John Mahama has for the youth of this country?

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#Time to retell the NDC and the John Mahama Story.

#Time to engage the youth frankly to provide long-lasting solutions to the myriad of problems.

#Time to move Ghana forward and in the right direction!

#Ghana is rising.🇰🇼🇬🇭

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