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14.02.2019 Feature Article

Dating The Area Boy

Dating The Area Boy
LISTEN FEB 14, 2019

Yesterday, I saw a story published on Facebook about a young lady who is pained by actions and words spoken to her by her supposed boyfriend.

I was really shocked myself about the fact that anyone could say such a thing to the one he is dating.

But I think people get to be hurt so badly by their partners because people are dating strangers these days.

We must go into dating to explore the possibilities of having a permanent relationship with the other.

If it is not working because of possible differences, the union could be terminated without painful memories.

People shouldn't have horrifying permanent memories only because they want to explore the chances of having some relationship with the other.

And I said we are dating strangers who do not have a sense of who we are and what we are worth. If people know your worth, they learn to treat you with dignity.

Unfortunately, many young ladies would prefer to date strangers than the young men they grew up with.

A lady would say with pride ' I don't date local boys'.

But dating a local boy should come naturally to us. It is safe. It helps to build a relationship that is of a lifetime. You would break up; and you would make up; and the relationship becomes stronger.

It is fun; even if you were sent to mill the corn, you could pass his place to flirt with him. Life is blissful with little fun.

You learn to share dreams together. You saw him through school; when he first got admission to the university, you were there.

You even led him to the station; and you said goodbye to him with a little pancake: a leftover from your mother's kitchen.

You were there when he got his first job; and you stand in the best place to be considered for a life partner.

Many in the area know he is yours; if he wasnt good for you, some old lady in your area who hold you in high esteem would have told you to stay away from that boy a long time ago.

Dating area guy helps you to get the support of the community in choosing a life partner.

You are sure to land the right partner for your future; because it took you a life time to build such a relationship.

You dont throw yourself on a total stranger in the name of love to treat you anyhow because he doesn't know your worth.

Date the area guy.
Happy Val's Day.
Paul Zowonu
13/02/19:9:55 .

Paul Zowonu
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