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07.12.2005 General News

Lord Commey fights back

By Ghanaian Chronicle
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The National organizer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Lord Commey, has dismissed accusations by sections of the media that he trapped party chairman, Harona Esseku into making a "loose talk.

"I have always introduced pressmen to our party officials who want to seek some clarifications from any of the party officials because of my rapport with all of them.

"Why would one think that an introduction amounted to setting up the chairman? The suggestion is childish and wicked. It should be told to the marines,” he said.

He was concerned about the tape recording conversations among party members given to a newspaper.

"Though I was not surprised, I think it is bad and wicked. I am not surprised except that it was uncalled for, for a private discussion to have ended up in front pages of newspapers. But to say I am surprised, it would mean I am not realistic about the politics of the media."

Mr. Commey however raised a suspicion about an agenda of any individual to torpedo the campaign strategies of the chairman. "I have an excellent relationship with the chairman and I cannot remember anytime I had a rift with him. I always speak my mind and those who know me, know that I am not anybody's stooge. But I am equally suspicious that somebody might have an agenda," he said.

Mr. Commey said the issues of kickback was over exaggerated, noting that with the first tape played, which was purely a conversation between the delegates of the party and there was no mention of kickbacks, the matters would be laid to rest.

The national organizer also dismissed claims that he has unfolded rigging plans of his party.

According to him, the NPP has no strategy, apart from actions to prevent the National Democratic Congress (NDC) whose stock in trade in politics was harassment and victimization of their opponents in any election.

Mr Commey admitted that he has a group called 'Action Troupers' who are going to topple any actions of the NDC.

Their motive was to counter and foil the operations of the NDC, whose stock in trade was victimization and harassment of its opponents".

"As an organizer, I must ensure that I have my young guys around in every polling station to check the activities of the NDC," he said.

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