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Opinion | Feb 7, 2019

Ghana Is Ready For War Before Long

By Kelly Michael Agbesi
Ghana Is Ready For War Before Long

After singing and chanting praises on "all die be die, and boot for boot", I'm confidently convinced Ghana is ready to dance with tears of blood and lamentations of the poor people.

At this state of our democracy where no one sees evil as evil or crime as crime, I accept to the facts and evidence to the current happenings in our country that before long a lot of good Ghanaians are going to mourn though I'm not a Prophet of doom nor agent of calamity.

Security matters in the state are fragile hence I cannot say enough about that but I can draw your attention to the incitement of citizens by powerful personalities and henceforth killing, murder of people at higher positions, shooting and killing of vibrant individuals just in a by-elections, daylight armed robbery, heated political views and debates leading to the slapping of the minor side and just a few to mention in just 33days of the 365 days of the year.

I strongly believe in the mid of 365 days of the year, citizens will dance to the tunes from political pundits in the name of loyalty to a political party.

Kindly grant me the permission to quote words from Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King J rof which I quote, "If peace means keeping my mouth shut in the midst of injustice and evil, I don't want it. If peace means a willingness to be exploited economically, dominated politically, humiliated and segregated, I don't want it". I am very sure most of my readers will also like to quote the exact words if indeed that is the meaning of peace.

Fewyears ago, the media used to be very loud on issues of national concern. Criticism is not different from what I really want to say they were. The country used to have good and selfless media practitioners but all of a sudden it all vanishes. They're all wearing political jerseys and majority are in the stand of violent stadium singing praises and chanting "war, war, war!"

I feel very sad forthe blood that toiled forfreedom, the mothers of those who shed theirlives to have a peaceful Ghana which we used to enjoy some fewyears back.

I was very very very sad yesterday when a pupil told me no one is above the law(he learnt from school) , but we're not seeing the laws at ourbasics northe lawis not above us. This tells me even the children whom we think knows nothing are more aware of the evil we do.

Savagery has been a "normal" act recently in ourcountry this has being a reason that I can best quote from Aristotle which I quote, " The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal". One can confidently say violet begets violent. The Akans have a proverb saying, "s3 biribi ank) ka papaa 3ngye twer3d3".

With all these experiences and misfortunes which the country is battling, I call on all the necessary authorities to act without the lenses of political jerseys, bring to books offenders of ourdemocracy. I call on the National Securities and all the agents of peace in the country to raise theirvoices beyond political vindictiveness and vicissitudes to alert all people the dangers associated to WAR when it rains in Ghana.

By: Kelly Michael Agbesi (Kelly West) [email protected]

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